Tenant Complaint Email

If you are living in a rented apartment and your landlord is not providing you with all the facilities according to the contract then you must register your complaint. The best way is to send an email to keep a record of all the correspondence as this can help you in case of any litigation.

However, you must understand that this note is not an ultimatum rather it is just a reminder. That is why, it’s really important to know how to draft a tenant complaint email. Few simple yet valid tips can help you write an effective email.

First you need to ensure that the email address of the recipient is correct. You should also mention the subject of this email to grab the attention of your addressee.

Start your email with an appropriate salutation and then describe the purpose of this message in the opening paragraph. Instead of registering your complaint immediately, you should give a brief history of your contract and then discuss the core issue.

Use your second paragraph to make him or her realise that they are violating the contract. You can also include your demands in this paragraph.

In the end, provide your complete contact information and then conclude your email with proper closing sentence.


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    Sample of Tenant Complaint Email:

    To: brianadams@mail.com
    Subject: Complaints regarding the bad condition of house   

    Dear Mr. Adams,

    I’ve been trying to contact you but unfortunately you do not pick up my calls. That is why I am dispatching this email to bring to your attention the deteriorating condition of your house. As you know, I rented this place three months ago and we agreed that you will furnish us with a complete functional house.

    Unfortunately, the house is not in good condition. Nothing is up to mark and I am facing a lot of problems here. This situation forced me to write this email to you and request a revamp.

    Our legal agreement also states the same so I hope you will pay heed to this matter and resolve all issues.

    Hoping for an affirmative response.


    Harry Julian

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    Template of Tenant Complaint Email:

    To: [email of the recipient]
    Subject: Complaint regarding [mention the issue]

    Dear [name of the addressee],

    I hope this will find you in good health. I am sending this email to complain about the [mention the problem]. I rented your property on [put time and date here] and the legal agreement shows that you were responsible for [mention the landlord’s responsibilities].

    Unfortunately, nothing has been done according to the agreement. The house is not in good condition and I request you to spare some time and visit the place.

    I hope you will pay attention and make efforts to resolve the issue. You can contact me on [give contact numbers].

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    [Your Name]

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