Persuasive Sales Email

Boosting sales of your business takes a lot of effort and good planning, but if you capitalize on the power of personalized and persuasive sales emails, you can take the competition by storm and end up generating bigger revenues.  Here are some worth-considering guidelines to write a compelling sales email and generate leads.

Begin the letter with a compelling, catchy headline. The headlines of your email can do 50 percent of the work, if you create it keeping in mind what the reader is interested in. No matter what industry you are working in, the headlines act the same as it can make the potential customer read the entire letter and buy.

Use salutation. Since you are circulating the email to hundreds of people in an attempt to persuade them to buy from you, you can use Dear Reader.

The first paragraph is as important as the headline, so it should tell the reader right away that what the letter is about. Generally marketers mention their company name and its image at the start of the letter, which no longer works. You can jump right in and tell the reader an interesting thing about the product in the first few words.

The second paragraph should focus on the features of the product or service.

Conclude the letter by giving the customers a special offer. If you can offer something for free, you can grab attention.


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    Sample Persuasive Sales Email

    Get your office in order with Multi Zone Limited

    Dear Reader,

    Wouldn’t you love to buy office supplies like stationery, computer, and furniture without having to get yourself upset about going to the market during rush hours and waste your precious time? Multi Zone Limited solves this problem as you can now hire us for all your office needs.

    We will not ask you to drive to our office and pick the products you want; delivery is our concern, not yours. Multi Zone Limited offers a wide range of services such as paper products, computers and peripherals, office furniture, eateries like tea, coffee and snack, and security equipment like cameras, cash boxes, key safes and lockers.

    With the special offer in place, you can now buy one and get one free. For further details, please visit our website or make a phone call at 001353434565.


    Shane McFadden
    Manager Sales,
    Multi Zone Limited

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    Template of Persuasive Sales Email

    (Put the email subject here)

    Dear ____________,

    We at (company name) would like to introduce you to our newly launched ab workout machine that can give you the shape you are after. The machine is built to work on your body shape and weight, and you don’t have to eat expensive supplements or  take weight-loss pills.

    The ab workout machine, (put the product name here), makes your stomach fat disappear within months. We do not guarantee results in weeks, as quick results often carry risks and side effects. We recommend that you reduce fat by working on the body muscles, and (product name) is best for this purpose.

    For your convenience, we are ready to ship the product to your address. Call now and get your (product name).


    (Sender name)
    (Sender designation)
    (Company name)

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