Theydon Bois Tube Station London

Theydon Bois tube station was started by Great Eastern Railway in 1865 and is situated in Theydon Bois under the authority of Epping Forest. The station is served by Central Line and lies in between Debden and Epping stations. It was opened as intermediate station on Loughton-Ongar extensions of GER but in 1923 GER became the part of London and North Eastern Railway. According to the new work program in 1935 to 1940, an extension of Central Line was added in LNER rout and Theydon Bois tube station was started as an intermediate station on Central Line.

The station is not that busy but still it has all facilities for its travelers like telephone, vending machines, car parking, toilets and staff assistants. The station has its main entrance from Station Approach to enter in ticket hall and the hall is used to exit from the tube station.


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    Restaurants and Coffee Shops

    Visitors who live near the station or travel through the Theydon Bois tube station can enjoy delicious cuisines and coffee in various restaurants and coffee shops which are situated on walking distance from tube station. A list of restaurants and coffee shops which are located within 1 mile radius of tube station is cited below.

    Balti House Tandoori, The Indian Ocean, Queen Victoria &  Namste Salaam
    Coffee shop:

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    Clubs and Bars

    If you get bored in town or want relief from the stress of work then a glass of your favorite drink will really bring comfort. Many bars are situated on walking distance from Theydon Bois tube station. These bars offer the large collection of drinks and wines and also provide a social entertaining venues to enjoy all night out near the tube station.

    The Bull, Queen Victoria, Sixteen String Jack  & Theydons

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    Sights and Attractions

    If you are waiting for some scheduled train and don’t want to waste your time, you must avail the opportunity to visit sights and attractions near the Theydon Bois tube station. The sights which are located near the tube station are given below.

    Theydon Green & Japonica

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    Educational Institutes

    If you are new in town and looking for some better institutes near the Theydon Bois tube station, a number of schools in the vicinity of tube station can easily be found. These schools facilitate the students with excellent curriculum by their well qualified professional teachers. The nearest ones are as follows:

    Theydon Bois Primary School, Davenant Foundation School 

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    Gifts and book shops

    People can find a number of gifts and book shops in town but there is only one book shop located close to the Theydon Bois tube station. Commuters can find a wide range of books in this shop and they can also read the books in a separate section of shop.

    Book Shop

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    Health and beauty services

    Health and beauty creates confidence in yourself and if you are confident then you can easily face the world. There are few such services available in adjacent to Theydon Bois tube station. Try them when you're travelling nearby.

    Beauty salon:
    Theydon Beauty &  Jades Beautique

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    Hospitals and Clinics

    Medical facilities are very necessary for any town or city and mostly people prefer to stay near these places. If you are sick or suffering from some medical emergency then you can find a number of clinics which are situated within 1 mile of the Theydon Bois tube station. These private clinics are run by their specialist doctors and offer the best treatments to patients.

    Epping Osteopathic and Sports Injuries Clinic, Theydon Bois Dental Practice, Dr K Shaw - Theydon Bois Surgery, Scott Dr S, Ashford Dr A & O'connor Dr D

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    Childcare Centers

    Child care centers facilitate those parents who are employed in some organizations and cannot pay proper attention to their kids. There is only one preschool located near the tube station which can be good option for working parents who travel from the tube station.

    Theydon Bois Pre-school Group

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