Things to Do in London in June

Sunny days with a mild temperature and clear weather mark the arrival of summer in London. Various annual events and celebrations are being held in the month of June in London, which is renowned for its energy and liveliness. The joyful festivities of these events adds to the air of London with life and energy, which goes almost all the year round, besides catering to every taste and flair. Whether you are a Londoner or a visitor to this happening city, you have a multitude of events to visit that have many enjoyment opportunities. But remember to dress appropriately because the weather in London is unpredictable and it can rain anytime!


  • 1

    City Of London Festival is an independent trust that every year in June holds events full of music, film and arts with 50 ticketed and 100 free performances for three weeks. Being held since 1962, these events showcase the culture of London in all its glory!

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    Hampton Court Palace Festival is held every year in June in the beautiful lawns of Hampton Court Palace, and this event features a concert with mix genres of music.

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    Trooping the color parade is a  horse guard parade event which is held every year in the month of May and June, marking the Queen's birthday.

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    Greenwich + Docklands International Festival is a festival held each year in June that features a gala of 200 exciting performances full of life and fun. Plug energy and excitement in your soul by paying a visit to it.

  • 5

    Meltdown Festival invites musical comedy and literature fans every year to Southbank centre. Some of the worlds renowned musicians have a history of directing this event and enthralling the audience.

  • 6

    Opera Holland Park is a summer opera company which holds opera performances every year in the Holland Park in the west central London. A conopy is installed for shelter under which it has 1000 seats.  Around 50 performances are staged every year.

  • 7

    Open Garden Squares Weekend is an annual event held in June that marks the celebration of London's open spaces. One weekend ticket offers entry to many gardens of  London which are not open for public in the normal routine.

  • 8

    Bike week is an annual event that marks the national celebration of cycling with as much as half a million people, starting from bike buffs to those who don’t usually ride bikes.

  • 9

    London Green fair is an annual festival featuring music, poetry, several children workshops and actitivities, boutique markets, organic cuisine and bars that add to the beauty of the green spaces.

  • 10

    West End Live is an annual live musical event held yearly at Liecester Square, London bu it will be held at Trafalgar Square this year (2012). For tickets and other inquiries, contact Society of London Theatre.

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