Things to do in Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen is one of the major cities in China located in the southern Province of Guangdong Province. Situated north of Hong Kong, Shenzhen was China’s first Special Economic Zone (SEZs). It is now one of the fastest growing cities in not only China, but whole world. And in addition to that, Shenzhen is one of the largest business container ports in China. It is considered as a business hub for foreign investments and is considered a home to numerous high-tech companies. However, apart from all that, Shenzhen is an amazing place for tourist and there are loads of things that should not be missed if you are on a visit to this city, even if you are staying there for a day.


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    First of all, a trip to the Minsk World should be made and it should be on the top of to do list. If you are a fan of military history and have some fascination regarding the era before Cold War, you will love every second of your time there. Minsk is basically the name of an old Soviet-era aircraft carrier. It is now permanently docked here as a monument and visitors are allowed to roam freely around the deck and selected floors of the vessel. The staffs there is dressed in military costumes and musical performances are staged throughout the day.

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    They say that one can get lost in the beauty of OCT East. OCT East is a massive theme park covering around 10 kilometers and is a made up by combining two theme parks, three scenic towns, it is the best place to spend their holidays.  Paddle boats, gold club and a number of attractions are present there and no wonder why people love their time and Overseas Chinese Town.

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    SEG Electronic Market is the ultimate heavens for geeks. It is the biggest electronic mall in the area and that means that there will a number of hawkers out there trying to sell pirated electronics to you, so watch out. Inside the mall, electronic products are divided by floors making it easier for the visitors to go directly to their interested shops instead of roaming around and wasting their time. There, you can find every little gadget that you crave. From GPS watches to Laptops and almost every brand is present there whether its Sony or LG, Toshiba or Samsung.

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