Things to do on Holidays in Inverness Scotland

Inverness is the northernmost major town of Scotland, located on the river Ness. It is the administrative, transport and supply centre for the whole of highland region, and is also known as the gateway to the highlands. Shakespeare’s famous play, Macbeth was also based on the local history of the region.


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    Inverness Castle is located at the end of the western pedestrian zone, which is considerably not that old. It was built in 1847, and houses the local Sheriff Court. The castle is one of the major attractions of the region. The Castle also has a Museum and Art Gallery Castle, which provides the visitor a brief view of the region’s history, culture and traditions.

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    The Old High Church is the oldest church in the region, being the ‘Town Church’ of the city. Local masses gather in the historic building to attend to their practice their local religion. The church holds great importance for the locals and is considered to be a great part of their culture, religion and traditions.

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    A walk or a bicycle ride along the Ness Islands or the Caledonian Canal is highly recommended for the tourists, as it can be a soothing experience for them.

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    While visiting Inverness, one should definitely try the Jacobite Cruises, which is a tour-guide cruise over the River Ness. The tour provides the audience with the familiarity of all that the city has to offer, in a short period of time. The cruise runs throughout the year, and is definitely among the things to do while staying at the city.

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    It is a place for those who crave Spanish cuisine while visiting the Scottish Highlands. The restaurant is a favourite for locals who love Spanish food, and is just located opposite the entrance to the Inverness Castle.

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    The Highland capital is famous for its lively atmosphere and music. One should keep that in mind that smoking in enclosed public places is not allowed, just as in the rest of the country. Traditional pub food and beers are something that one can’t miss while being in Inverness.

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    The Dunhallin Hotel, located on the Culduthel Road tends to provide a great degree of hospitality and comfortable accommodation. The Hotel provides a friendly and helpful environment, promising a calm and peaceful experience.

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    The Royal Highland Hotel is a destination for those who want to spoil themselves with luxury in Inverness. It is a completely refurbished luxury city centre, located next to the Railway Station and the Ash Restaurant and Lounge Bar. It’s a popular destination and holds significant value as a landmark of the local region.

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    Dining in the city can be a memorable experience for the tourist. Ash Restaurant and Lounge Bar is a restaurant present next to the local Railway Station, opposite to the Victorian market. The restaurant boasts a rich menu along with free wi-fi facilities.

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    Inverness also provides an opportunity for sporting activities such as golfing, as well as several water-sports.

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