Things to do on Holidays in Rome Italy

If you are planning to visit the beautiful city of Rome, you should be prepared to get out of your hotel bed and explore. Staying up for long hours will mean that you will have every opportunity to soak in the beauty of the city. Although there are a number of things you must do during your stay in Rome, you should keep your eyes open to see the beauty of ancient roman artwork.

While there is several rent-a-car companies based in the centre of Rome, it is best to walk around to capture the most fascinating images. In Paris or London, tourists can rely on efficient transportation system but in Rome things are slightly different. The transportation system may not be the most reliable in the world but the fact the local weather can be almost always counted on to give you ample opportunity to learn the culture.

Walking on the street, you will see things different and unexpected compared to other parts of the world. Leather made jackets, bakery products and pizzas are the some of the products Rome is known for. There has not been much happening to improve the infrastructure of Italy’s capital, it always has the ability to surprise the visitors.


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    One of the main attractions in Rome is the local museum called Galleria Borghese. Some say the museum is a city in itself. It is a place worth seeing. Inside a magnificent 400 year old villa, there are 20 rooms with collections of antiquities and baroque art. An ancient building with ancient collections; the place is bound to impress from the start till the end.

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    Explore ancient roman artwork

    After paying a visit to Galleria Borghese you would not be able to leave Rome without seeing an excellent example of ancient roman artwork but you cannot do it unless you got to San Luigi Francesi Church.

    Inside Conatrelli Chapel of the San Luigi Francesi Church hangs a remainder of ancient art; the calling of Saint Mathew. There are two other Caravaggio works in the building; St. Mathew and the Angel and the Martyrdom of St. Mathew. Entry to the church is free and hence you will have an excellent chance to take your entire family with you.

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    Pizza di Spagna

    Giorgio de Chirico House is another museum you should not forget to visit during your stay in Rome. Sometimes I feel it is hard to stay away from art in Italy and Giorgio de Chirico House-Museum is another reason why Rome in known for its style and art. From inside the museum, you can always get about the best view of Pizza di Spagna, which is right next to Giorgio de Chirico House-Museum.

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    Ponte Sisto Stroll

    Rome is generally expensive but Pont Sisto Stroll is one place where you can find more affordable shops. There are also a number of cafes, restaurants and food markets so you could feed your empty stomach.

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    Don't forget to eat pizza

    People in Rome argue about what is the best pizza place in the city. If you come across Pizza Al Taglio, please ignore every one and enjoy this delicious pizza made on coal.

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    Find hills for the best view of Rome

    Rome is known to have seven hills but that may not be true. Gianicolo gives the best view of this ancient city. So consider going to Gianicolo to catch some of the best images on your digital camera.

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    The Pope

    How can you forget to see the Pope during your stay in Rome? This is one of the best attractions in Rome.

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    Find the best restaurant in Rome if hunger hits you again. Ristorante Al Presidente is considered as the best restaurant in the city. Buffet prices are also reasonable. For a peaceful and quiet dinner, consider visiting  Ristorante Al Presidente after 8pm.

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    Eat more pizza

    Rome loves eating pizzas. So while you are in Rome, try pizzas from different places. Gelato Pizza is another good pizza place in Central Rome.

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    Shop around

    You can find some of the best known Italian designers on Via del Governo Vecchio.

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