Things to Wear for a Wedding

So you are invited to a wedding and confused about what to wear and what not? Well, do not freak out as it is a super easy task. All you have to do is get a clear idea of the style of the wedding and determine what is right for the wedding you are attending. Do not forget to ask the recipients if it is a themed wedding. If not, then it is your opportunity to dress up in a unique way to look different on this great occasion.

Read the very simple steps given below to get an idea what to wear to a wedding:


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    Daytime Weddings:

    For Her:

    Dress: If you are attending a daytime wedding, then it is your chance to play with various eye-catching colors. Therefore, you can wear a well-cut dress in bright shades. Otherwise, floral and cocktail dresses are the other good options for a daytime wedding event. Select light shades for summer time and dark for winter. Keep the length of you shirt to the knee or tea length. On the other hand, if you like a formal look then put on a suit or a short dress.

    Jewelry: Wear a light set of white gold or Antique jewelry, including a pendent, earrings, bracelet and ring.

    Shoes: You can wear medium or high heels for indoor event and stick with wedges for outdoor wedding so you do not into the grass.

    Bag: Select a medium cross-body bag for both indoor and outdoor wedding event.

    Hat: You can wear a fine-looking hat in a matching with your dress. You can consider a contrast color as well.

    Note: Make sure to avoid white, black, navy colors or anything that looks like you are going to the office.

    For Him:

    Dress: Wearing a dress shirt and pant along with a sports jacket is good idea for an informal daytime wedding event. Wear a light-color suit for a semi-formal or formal daytime wedding party.

    Tie: Complement your nice attire with a decent matching tie.

    Shoes: You can wear formal shoes that can complement your attire. Pointed shoes are good option for both formal and informal weddings.

    Other Accessories: You can wear a stylish branded timepiece and a tiepin to fix your time in a proper position. Make sure not to get over accessorized.

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    Evening Wedding

    For Her:

    Dress: Semi-formal outfit are perfect for evening weddings. Always select dark colors. You can consider a ball gown, long cocktail dress or a dressy suit. In addition to that, you can wear a sophisticated jacket or shawl over thin straps. Make sure to avoid extra cleavage in the outfit.

    Jewelry: You can wear a light gleaming jewelry set of diamond or white gold in the evening wedding party.

    Shoes: Select shoes according to your height. You can wear heels if you have a short or medium height and wear flat shoes if you are tall.

    Bag: Carry a simple but sophisticated clutch according to your outfit color to keeping your look streamlined.

    For Him:

    Dress: A tuxedo or a dark color suit is an ideal attire to complete your look in the evening wedding party. Otherwise, you can be dressed in blazer and slacks for a casual or semi-formal evening wedding event.

    Tie: Match your tie with your suit color.

    Shoes: Black shoes go well with almost any color.

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    Beach Weddings

    For Her:

    Dress: Females must keep the wind in mind while selecting a dress for the beach wedding they will attend. Therefore, choose a dress that is light in color, simple and comfortable to carry. Medium and short length dresses are practical for beach weddings.

    Jewelry: You can wear light pendant, bracelet, ring and earrings of pearl or white gold for beach weddings.

    Shoes: Select flat comfortable shoes for beach wedding events, keeping the beach wind in mind. Stylish flip-flops are perfect to walk comfortably on sandy beach surfaces.

    Bag: Carry a medium clutch back according to the color of your outfit.

    Hat: Put on a large stylish floppy hat in order to avoid the damaging ultraviolet rays of sun. However, make sure to fix it properly so that it does not blow away because of the beach wind.

    For Him:

    Dress: Men can be dressed in a more casual suit for beach weddings. You can consider a casual button-down shirt and pant without any necktie. Half sleeves shirt is better otherwise you can simply roll up the long sleeves. Leave the top one or two buttons of your shirt open to create a casual look.

    Shoes: Beach Weddings are your golden chance to wear anything other than dress shoes. You can wear a especially designed men’s sandals and flip-flops.

    Tie: As you are in a casual outfit, you do not need to wear a tie.

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