Tips to Win More Jobs on Elance

Elance is among the most prominent freelance websites that are offering work to people all around the world. With its user friendly policies, Elance has succeeded in solving the problems of both employers and employees, keeping in mind the guarantee of work and its payment. Majority of the people working on Elance are enjoying good wage rates while the employers are enjoying quality and timely completion of their work. Nevertheless, where signing up on Elance is not a problem, the real obstacle lies in getting a job.

Nonetheless, attracting jobs at such freelance portals has always been the concern of people. Many users are found complaining that they have been bidding on the projects for months but have not succeeded in attracting a single employer. At the same time, some employers were also found complaining that the freelancers took a lot of time to complete the task. For those facing the similar problems, here are some ways to succeed in bidding.


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    Good proposals:

    Keeping in mind ‘first impression is the last impression’, a bidder must write a good proposal that is adequate enough to catch the attention of the contractor. As proposal is the initial way to communicate with the potential employer, it should be written with care and a thoughtful one. A sound proposal depicts the seriousness and dedication of a user towards a particular project.

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    Be proactive:

    The bidder needs to be proactive in all ways. He/she needs to visit the site regularly and bid on the suitable projects without wasting any time with keen interest. The more you bid on the projects, greater is the chance of your accomplishment. Instead of bidding on all projects that appear on the screen, the bidder should concentrate on the ones that are most suitable to him/her.

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    Complete skill tests:

    Completion of skill tests by bidders has proven to be of pivotal importance at the Elance portal. According a recent survey, it has been revealed that around 77 percent of potential clients consider it necessary for a bidder to have completed skill tests as it depicts their reliability and credibility.

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    Keep updating profile:

    One of the biggest mistakes made by bidders is that they do not update their profile time to time. Profiles help the clients to have a good glance at the prospective employees and thus they should be updated vigilantly and carefully. Not to mention, the profile should be free from typo errors.

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