Top 10 Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Do you have a Twitter account? If not, you seriously don’t belong to this world. Social networking websites are a great source of information about your favourite celebrities, channels, athletes and a lot more. Moreover, you can stay connected to your friends no matter where they are.

Some other social networking websites focus more on personal relationships, but Twitter is all about following celebrities. The best part is that you can confirm whether the account is genuine or not.

There are a lot of other social media sites, where people make fake accounts in the names of celebrities and people follow them with craze. In order to avoid such spam, you should always rely on Twitter. Here are a few popular accounts from Twitter you can follow.


  • 1

    Justin Bieber

    Probably the most famous singer at present is Justin Bieber. He has got billions of fans across the globe and he is the most followed person on Twitter. If you need to be updated about latest happenings related to Justin, simply start following him through this account: @justinbieber.

  • 2

    Lady Gaga

    Another famous singer from the west, Lady Gaga has got a huge fan base. She is a bit controversial, but people of all age groups love her. She is the second most followed celebrity on Twitter. You can follow her official account here: @ladygaga.

  • 3

    Barack Obama

    Although you should prioritise entertainment over any other thing, you should be aware of the political situation too. Therefore, follow the official account of the American President Barack Obama on his official account: @BarackObama.

  • 4


    The best place to find your favourite videos on the internet is YouTube. However, you can sometimes miss the most interesting videos, if you are a bit busy. In that case, you will be notified, if you have followed the official account: @YouTube.

  • 5


    Making an account with Twitter will not be enough. If you need to stay updated about the latest changes and features available, follow the official account of this networking site: @twitter.

  • 6

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Are you a soccer fan? Most people are, as this sport is followed with craze all over the world. The most popular athlete in this game is Cristiano Ronaldo, who has the most number of followers on Twitter. So follow him here: @Cristiano.

  • 7


    Another famous footballer is Kaka from Brazil. You can follow him on his official account: @KAKA.

  • 8

    CNN Breaking News

    In order to stay updated about the happenings across the globe, follow this account: @cnnbrk.

  • 9


    If you are a sports lover, you need to stay connected to ESPN. So follow the official account here: @espn.

  • 10

    Tom Hanks

    Arguably the best actor ever in Hollywood, Tom Hanks is also on Twitter. You can follow him on his official account: @tomhanks.

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