Top 10 Best Cigarette Brands

Cigarette manufacturing is a huge industry, immensely contributing to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a number of countries like China, Russia, Germany, United States of America (US) and Indonesia. There are thousands of cigarette brands in the world, offering different options to the smokers. Price and taste are the two most important factors behind the sale and popularity of any brand.

Most smokers prefer to stick to their brand and show loyalty to the manufacturer. However, trying out a different cigarette every now and then is not a bad option as it allows you to compare the quality of different brands.


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    Manufactured by Philip Morris, USA, Marlboro is without doubt one of the most popular cigarette brands in the world and its smokers consider it to be a lifestyle.

    It is easily available in most parts of the world. Marlboro Lights are widely regarded amongst the most selling cigarette brands these days because of the supreme taste.

  • 2

    Gold Leaf

    Manufactured by the Imperial Tobacco Group, previously known as John Player & Sons, Gold Leaf is also considered to be one of the most popular brands of the world. It is quite hard and is believed to be a manly cigarette.

  • 3

    Benson & Hedges

    Also manufactured by Philip Morris, USA, Benson & Hedges is a stylish and yet another so called 'manly' cigarette. It is strong and a beginner may find it hard to adjust to this brand.

  • 4


    Davidoff is one of the best cigar brands in the world but its cigarettes are also of the highest quality. The brand name is currently owned by Imperial Tobacco,  but the company is otherwise independently owned.

  • 5


    Manufactured by British American Tobacco - Rothmans Group - in Malaysia and the Bentoel Group in Indonesia, Dunhill is an expensive cigarette.

    Its aroma is awesome and once a smoker starts using Dunhill, he or she generally does not like other brands. It has a unique taste and a nice distinctive smell.

  • 6

    Gold Flake

    Manufactured by the leading cigarette makers in India, ITC Limited, Gold Flake is one of the highest selling cigarettes of the world, possessing a brilliant smell. If you have the courage to inhale it properly, you will get an amazing taste.

  • 7


    L&M is a cost effective cigarette; they are cheap and have a great and satisfying smell. These cigarettes are manufactured by Philip Morris, USA.

  • 8

    Mild Seven

    Known for its low price and light taste, Mild Seven or Mevius is a very cigarette brand, manufactured by Japan Tobacco.

  • 9

    Navy Cut

    As the name suggests, people with courage smoke it because of its hard taste. It is manufactured by the Imperial Tobacco Group, previously known as John Player & Sons.

  • 10


    Most of the Camel smokers rate it higher than Marlboro. According to them, it burns even and better than other brands. Camel has more nicotine and tar, which enhances its overall flavor. It is produced by R.J. Reynolds Co.

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