Top 10 Best Hairstyles for Men

People often think that fashion is all about dressing and sporting glamorous things, but presenting themselves properly is just as important. One of the best ways of enhancing your beauty is by styling your hair properly. Women spend a lot of time in beauty salons and get their desired hairstyles. However, men don’t take much care of their hair and end up looking quite miserable. If you are one of them, get a proper haircut and see which style suits you the most.

This article will guide you through some of the best hairstyles for men.


  • 1

    The conservative haircut

    If you wish to look like a gentleman, the best way is to keep the conservative hairstyle. It is also known as the slick comb over. Some famous personalities such as Don Draper and Pete Campbell have followed this style. All you need to do is keep some length and comb your hair backwards.

  • 2

    The side crop with a peak hairstyle

    In this style, hair should be trimmed short from the sides whereas it should be long at the top. People with straight hair should opt for this hairstyle.

  • 3

    The bed head

    The best thing about this hairstyle is that it suits all types of face cut. However, you need to apply a lot of styling gel in order to keep the hair bonded together. You also need to keep some length in order to look cool.

  • 4

    Retro look

    Stacking the top portion of your hair with the help of scissors will help you get the retro look. Once again, you will have to apply a lot of gel or wax in order to manage your hair properly.

  • 5

    The short and spiky Mohawk

    Ever famous footballer David Beckham adopted this hairstyle, it has become extremely famous. Simply get a shorter haircut and spike them with the use of gel.

  • 6

    The Buzz Cut

    If you have very less time to style your hair, you should go for the buzz cut. It will look cool in the summers.

  • 7

    Chin length and layered

    This is quite a flexible hairstyle and is popular amongst youngsters. As the name suggests, you need to keep a chin length and get the hair cut in layers.

  • 8

    Short and simple

    If you don’t want any complex hairstyle, you can always keep it short and simple. This style doesn't need much combing.

  • 9

    Short waves and curls

    If you have wavy hair, you should opt this style. It will give quite a natural look.

  • 10

    The quiff

    The most popular hairstyle amongst men is the quiff. If you have wavy hair, you will need a straightening rod to adopt this style. Once you have got a proper haircut from a beauty salon, you will be able to manage your hair easily.

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