Top 10 Best Movie Reviewers in the World

If you are planning to watch a movie, but know nothing about it, you should check the reviews in order to get a basic idea. Otherwise, you may end up wasting some precious time on a boring flick.

Although you can find numerous reviews related to a particular movie, you should not trust all of them. Some websites and magazines hire the top critics from all over the world in order to provide the best reviews to the audience. Reading those reviews will give you a clear idea of what to expect from the flick.

This article lists the top 10 movie reviewers, who have been sharing their opinions with their followers for years.


  • 1

    Roger Joseph Ebert

    One of the most famous film critics is Roger Joseph Ebert, who did this job for decades. He used to write a column in the Chicago Sun-Times related to different movies and was considered to be very direct in his criticism. Sadly, he passed away in April 2013.

  • 2

    Anthony Oliver Scott

    Anthony Scott started off his career as a book reviewer, but later became popular because of his movie reviews. He was involved in a controversy in 2012, when he gave some negative remarks about the blockbuster movie Avengers. Although he had to face criticism for it, he accepted it gracefully.

  • 3

    Peter Travers

    Famous for his movie reviews for popular magazines, People and Rolling Stone, Peter Travers has reviewed thousand of movies using the ‘no star to four star’ rating system.

  • 4

    Manohla Dargis

    Along with Anthony Scott, Manohla Dargis has been working for New York Times as a chief critic for quite some time. She is a firm believer that women directors need to be given a chance, as they are more creative.

  • 5

    Richard Corliss

    Born in Philadelphia, Richard Corliss has been working as a writer for Times Magazine. He has written some famous books such as Talking Pictures and Greta Garbo, but is popularly known for his movie reviews.

  • 6

    Todd McCarthy

    After working as a chief film critic for Variety over three decades, Todd McCarthy joined Hollywood Reporter as a critic in 2010 and has been sharing his thoughts about different movies released worldwide.

  • 7

    Kenneth Turan

    Kenneth Turan is known to be a versatile writer, as he has worked on different categories. He is famously known for his negative remarks on Titanic, which did not please the movie’s director James Cameron.

  • 8

    Lisa Schwarzbaum

    Although she was a music lover as a child, Lisa Schwarzbaum writes movie reviews these days. However, being a fan of classic flicks, she has never rated any movie of the modern era as A+.

  • 9

    Richard Roeper

    Richard Roeper has been working with The Chicago Sun Times as a movie critic. He has also written numerous books. Like most of the other critics, his favourite flick is God Father.

  • 10

    Michael Philips

    Michael Philips is a famous movie reviewer, working with Chicago Tribune Newspaper. He started writing for a newspaper as a teenager and has managed to earn a name for himself over the years.

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