Top 10 Delicious Foods Americans Love to Eat

America is a huge country with diverse states. The people are fond of different types of tastes and America is known to be one of the most food loving countries. Some people like trying new foods while other are comfortable with old tastes. There are different varieties of dishes adapted from different cultures. From simple Macaroni and cheese to complicated desserts like bomb Alaska, they love them all. Some of these dishes are found on small food stalls to big restaurants and people also cook them at home. Here are the ten most delicious food items that Americans love.


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    This Italian dish is consumed a lot by the US. This cheesy goodness is most loved by American households and ordered by families at least once in a week. It can be easily ordered and delivered at your doorstep.

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    The juicy beef patty is enough to drool over. A bun filled with mustard, mayo, lettuce, ketchup, onions and a beef patty. It is found in fast food chains and usually eaten as a meal with french-fries and soda.

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    The dish is of Mexican origin which resembles a taco but the texture is softer. The tortilla is filled with beans, sour cream, meat and cheese. It may be messy to eat but it is loved by all.

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    This is also a Mexican dish. It is crisp tortilla filled with corn, seafood, veggies and cheese. It is a hard U-shaped shell. It is sometimes eaten at breakfast as well.

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    Hot dog

    Hot dogs are easily found on street stands and are very common in America. It is a long bun filled with sausage and mustard dabbed on top. Sometimes it is also topped with mayo, jalapenos, onions and tomatoes.

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    French Fries

    Golden fried potatoes are eaten by people of all ages. By themselves, with burgers, sandwiches or steaks. French fries taste good with everything. Some eat these crispy potatoes with ketchup on top or with mayo garlic sauce.

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    Mac and cheese is a dish made with simple ingredients. The most eaten pasta with different kinds of cheese and sometimes served with chicken and onions also mixed inside. It is the best comfort food eaten on cold winter nights.

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  • 8

    Fried Chicken

    The chicken is fried in a pan. It is crisp and golden in colour. The dish is of South American origin. Americans like their chicken juicy, crispy and crunchy.

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    This is a favourite food with Italian origins. It is served with meatballs and marinara sauce on top. The dish is colourful to look at and loved by children and adults.

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  • 10


    Who doesn’t love pancakes? The golden brown coloured flat bread are light and fluffy. They are eaten with maple syrup, chocolate sauce, strawberry or blueberry sauce on top.

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