Top 10 Most Kept Secrets in the World

Despite people having a lot of access to information laws in all the democratic countries of the world, there are countless things which are kept out of the reach of a common person. There are some things that are kept hidden from ordinary citizens for the sake of broader interests, while others are trade secrets, which are jealously guarded by the companies that possess them. Despite the overload of information in the current day and age, there are still many things that are not revealed – some of these are particularly top-secret, and thus spark immense curiosity, which can also lead to the formation of conspiracy theories.


  • 1

    KFC’s Herbs and Spices

    KFC produces the most popular fried chicken in the world, and as is the case with many other companies, KFC’s recipe has been kept top secret, with no one knowing the exact formula. The recipe of KFC is kept safe in the headquarters of the company, and is guarded by extremely tough security. It is widely believed that only two people know about the secret herbs and spices which go into KFC's recipe.

  • 2

    Baseball Rubbing Mud’s Location

    A new baseball is likely to be very slippery, which is the reason why most professional teams use Blackburne’s Baseball Rubbing Mud. Apart from the owners of the mud, Jim Bintliffa and his wife, no one else knows about the location where this mud is found.

  • 3

    Oil Lands

    A common man has no idea about oil deposits, which is the reason why governments own most the lands which contain oil. Therefore, oil lands are always kept a secret.

  • 4

    Judiciary Secrets

    The likely duration of any judgment is always kept a secret.

  • 5

    Location of Military Troops

    No country takes risks when it comes to its security. Therefore, the location of military troops, especially during a war, is always kept a secret.

  • 6

    Nuclear Preparations

    Nuclear technology is one of the most important things in the modern world and there is always a massive risk of theft or attack on nuclear arsenals. The locations of nuclear weapons and their preparation centers is an important national secret for any nuclear country.

  • 7

    Medical History

    The medical history of any person is kept a secret because it can be used for identification.

  • 8

    Bank Account Information

    Bank account information is always classified, as it is sensitive and can be misused.

  • 9

    Intelligence Agency Secrets

    A common man never gets access to the sensitive information that intelligence agencies are privy to. These secrets are immensely important for every country and its security.

  • 10

    Coca Cola Trade Secrets

    Coke is among the most popular drinks of the world, and has maintained its stature for decades now. The trade secrets and the method of preparation of this drink is one of the biggest and closely guarded secrets in the world.

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