Top 10 Reasons for Leaving a Job

No one likes leaving his or her bread and butter; however, there comes a time in every employee’s life when s/he feels that it is no longer possible to continue and that s/he is just wasting time and energy by working for a particular organisation. If you feel this way, in some cases it is likely that all you need is some rest and a cup of coffee, after which you might be willing to reconsider. However, there are some reasons that are strong enough to justify resigning and leaving.


  • 1

    Lack of opportunities while working in an organisation is the biggest reason why employees opt to move to another company.

  • 2

    If the organisation does not show any interest in the abilities of the employee, then after a considerable amount of time, the employee thinks it is time to switch companies.

  • 3

    The lack of any moral support from the executives disheartens the employees, forcing them to consider resigning and moving on.

  • 4

    Companies who ignore the annual evaluation of the employees, and refrain from making any increase in the basic salaries, push their employees to the brink and force them to look elsewhere.

  • 5

    Bonuses are a must as these keep the employees going and help improve their productivity. It is very important to reward an employee for his/her accomplishments.

  • 6

    If the executives of an organisation lack a clear direction they leave a bad impression on the employees which becomes a reason for the workers to look for better options.

  • 7

    When companies stop taking new projects, they give an impression that the organisation has used all its resources and cannot sustain a new project. This can convince the employees that it is time to look for other opportunities.

  • 8

    Some employees are irritated and frustrated by the policies of the company and feel their talent is being wasted. If they have a business mindset, they can very easily initiate their own projects and thus do not need to continue working for another organisation.

  • 9

    Some people like freedom and can never work under controlled environments. So such people also prefer to leave their jobs and find an organisation where there is more freedom.

  • 10

    The lack of growth is a major factor behind the resignations of employees. Growth in a particular department is a driving force for a person who is working eight to nine hours a day. You cannot expect the employee to give his 100 percent every day without seeing any growth in that department. When a person is overlooked and not promoted, that is a major blow to his resolve to remain in that organisation.

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