Top 10 Software Programs for Data Recovery

If you formatted your computer’s hard drive recently due to any reason and now you realise that you had some important data saved in some folders, then you need to install a data recovery software program in your computer, which will help in recovering all the files that you want. There are a number of data recovery software programs available online which you can use to get your data back easily. These programs can be used to recover data from hard disk drives, portable media devices, flash drives, memory cards, etc.


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    GetData Recover My Files

    GetData Recover My Files is a great data recovery program that allows its users to recover data from hard disk drives, external hard drives and memory cards. The program offers recovery facility for both deleted and formatted files. Once the programs searches for the deleted files, it allows you to have a preview of the files, before saving it on your hard disk drive.

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    Undelete Plus

    Undelete Plus is a great tool to recover deleted files from hard disk drives, external drives and memory cards. However, there is still a lot of room to work when it comes to its user interface. There are many prominent buttons that do not seem to do much. Overall, it can be rated as one of the best recovery tools available.

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    Recuva is no doubt one of the best data recovery tools available because of its easy to use features and ability to recover the data easily. Moreover, it also provides some advanced features to its users. You can recover your deleted files from hard drive, external drives such as flash disk drives, memory cards and even you iPod, using Recuva.

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    Glary Undelete

    Glary Undelete is preferred by many users because it is really easy to use and has a great user interface. You will have to first install this program in your computer, before you start recovering you files.

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    Pandora Recovery

    Pandora Recovery is another recovery tool that is easy to use and you can also run an advanced “Surface Scan” in order to search the files that cannot be found using a normal scan.

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    Restoration is like any other recovery software. However, the good thing about this program is that it is really simple to use and does not require you follow a difficult procedure to undelete your required files.

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    The name of the program explains itself that it is free and it can undelete your files. You do not need to recover your files by paying any fee. In fact, you can undelete your files without paying registration fee.

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    CD Recovery Toolbox

    CD Recovery Toolbox is a unique data recovery tool, which allows you to recover your files from corrupted optical drive discs - CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, HD DVD, etc.

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    TOKIWA DataRecovery

    It is similar to many other data recovery software programs. The feature that makes it best among others is that is really easy to use and the user does not need to go through a complicated recovery process to undelete files.

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    ADRC Data Recovery Tools

    ADRC Data Recovery Tools is a great data recovery program that allows its users to recover data from hard disk drives, external hard drives and memory cards. It is a free data recovery program, and works same as many other paid programs do.

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