How To Copy Colors In GIMP

Like Photoshop, GIMP too is an image editing software. However, GIMP is solely designed for the purpose of enhancing image colours or editing an image in all possible ways whereas Photoshop in a way also helps create images from scratch.

GIMP has tools for cropping an image, desaturation and resizing of an image, balancing the colours, changing the form of the image from RGB to CMYK and vice versa, colour swapping, selecting a part of an image and switching it with another or duplicating the similar part and using it twice in the very same image.

Copying colours in GIMP is the same as copying colours in Corel or Illustrator. We simply select the colour we want with the “colour picker” tool, from which ever part of the drawing/image we want and then a small bucket icon appears, which is a symbol of “fill” in this case. The bucket then has to be taken to the part of the image we want to fill in. You place the cursor there on the requisite area and press enter or click your left mouse button. There, it’s done.

However, a more detailed explanation of how this is done is as follows;


  • 1

    Select an Image:

    We are assuming that an image is open.

  • 2

    Select "Colour Picker Tool":

    Click on the “Colour Picker” icon from the tool box. You get a colour picker box with several options. In other words, a colour swatch box appears.

  • 3

    Swatch Box:

    The only thing you need to worry about from this box is the selection of the radio button that says “set foreground colour” or “set background colour”.

    This lets you fill the foreground or the background of the final image that you are working on.

  • 4

    Select the Colour:

    Now you need to click on the particular colour in the image you want to copy the colour from.  For your convenience GIMP provides you with a colour swatch. The colour swatch visually shows you the colour you are about to select for the filling in on the final image’s background/foreground.

  • 5

    Select "Bucket Fill" icon:

    In Corel Draw X6 suite you will witness that a bucket automatically appears after you are done selecting the colour of your choice. However, in GIMP, you have to deliberately select the “Bucket Fill” icon from the tool box. When you are done filling in the colour you will yet again be provided with a a similar swatch box of colours for adjustment. Adjust the colour according to your needs.

  • 6

    Press Enter/Click on the Desired Area:

    Once you are done, press okay. And there, the colour copying is officially complete.

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