How to Export Windows Media Player Playlists to ITunes

Windows Media Player (WMP) is a built-in software which is used to play audio and video files in Windows. On the other hand, iTunes is a software (developed by Apple) which is compulsory to transfer media files from computer to iPod or iPhone. You can easily create playlists in your WMP according to your requirements by importing all your media files in its library. However, if you want to export the playlists which you made in WMP to your iTunes to copy them to your iPod or iPhone, you will have to follow a particular procedure which has been discussed in the given steps.


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    First of all, open your WMP library and make the necessary changes to your playlists. If you want to add or delete any media files from the library, you should do it now.

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    After finalising your playlists in the library, you have to go to the ‘File’ option in the menu bar and click ‘Save Now Playing List as...’. Give any name to your playlist. Then, you have to change the file type to M2U (*.m3u) playlist. Click the ‘Save’ button. You should not save it in your playlist folder in order to avoid having two copies of your playlists in WMP.

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    Now, you have to open iTunes on your computer. After opening iTunes, go to ‘File’ option, then Library and select ‘Import Playlist’.

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    Find where you saved your m3u playlist and click on it. You will see you playlist in iTunes now. You have to remember that it will only show you the file name rather than the title of the songs. But, when you will play the songs, iTunes will automatically change the title of the songs after recognising them.

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    You should play the first song of the playlist and then keep clicking ‘>>’button until the time comes when you get to the end of it and all the title names are shown. However, you must know that it will only work if all your songs are present in your iTunes Library.

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    You have successfully exported your WMP playlists to your iTunes. Now, you can easily transfer the files to your iPod or iPhone whenever you want.

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