Top 10 Tools to Measure User Experience

Measuring the user experience is not difficult at all, especially if you are aware of the right tools of doing so. There are several stages in which you understand the user experience and then take actions accordingly.

The first stage requires you to gather general information about the users. There is not much measurement at this stage, but its importance cannot be ruled out. Without going through this, one cannot get the desired results.

The second stage involves understanding of the user behaviour. This will really help you understand the situation better. Finally, you have to influence the users in order to get better results in the future.


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    The first tool is the Heuristics, which helps you detect the interface aspects, which are relatively easier to establish. These can include the usage of colours, information structure, consistency of terminology and mechanism.

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    Expert Review

    Next step is the expert review, which really helps you understanding a lot of things such as navigation effectiveness, content selection, visual presentation, branding and interaction simplicity.

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    Web Hits/Usage Analysis

    If you wish to study the hit pattern of your application, you need to conduct the Web Hits/Usage Analysis. You can track different statistics, which will help you in understanding the basics pretty easily.

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    User Testing

    This tool is a part of the second stage, which involves understanding the user behaviour. The user testing helps you in designing different user groups and learn what the target audience is capable of accomplishing.

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    Session Analysis

    If you wish to study Web Hits/Usage Analysis, you need to conduct the session analysis. This can be time consuming, but will help you in learning a lot of useful information about the user experience. You can either hold these sessions live or replayed from other individuals. Both methods will work out well for you.

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    Online surveys

    A quick and inexpensive way of gather information is the online surveys. A lot of companies adopt this technique, as they wish to save the overall costs. However, it is important to collect large population samples while conducting such surveys.

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    A/B and Multivariate Testing

    In order to test alternative designs, you need to conduct the A/B and Multivariate Testing. This will help you in assessing every single element in detail.

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    Eye tracking

    With the help of eye tracking, you will be able to know where the users look first. This is quite simple, yet effective technique of measuring user experience.

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    Emotion/Trust Measurement

    There are several tools, which will help you detect how the user feels while using the site.

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    Finally, you will have to conduct Neuro-marketing in order to understand what the user wants.

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