Top 10 Ways to Deal with Exams Stress

Exams have the ability to make the most confident of students panic. The word itself rings warning bells and raises red flags for many of us. It is common for students from from all over the world to suffer from exam stress, starting from days before the exams till the last one is over. However, due to this stress, most students are unable to perform to their best and it also affects their mental and physical health negatively. The fear of bad marks and disappointment drowns several students but there are a few steps every student can take in order to reduce the stress as much as possible.


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    Let go of the tensed shoulders:

    Take a thirty-minute break and go on a walk or some other form of exercise that you enjoy. This break will refresh your senses and renew your ability to cover the coursework. This may seem like an odd thing to do but taking breaks actually helps.

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    Adequate sleep:

    Most students cut on sleep time during exams and think that they are being productive. They are actually reducing the effectiveness of the waking hours and tiring themselves further. It is imperative that you get enough sleep (at least 7-8 hours at night) in order for your mind to perform at its best.

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    Nutritious food:

    A healthy body is an intelligent body. Eat well and enough during exams. Do not skip meals and remember to drink plenty of water and juices.

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    Time management:

    Time management is a crucial skill in exams. Manage the time according to the syllabus you need to cover. Finish the important topics first before the lesser important ones.

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    Advance preparation:

    Starting the preparation earlier gives more confidence. You will be left with more time to revise your work, which will also mean less stress.

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    Make a time table:

    A time table helps manage time according to your tasks and deadlines. Make a timetable and paste it somewhere you can easily see it.

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  • 7

    Put on music:

    Listening to your favourite music may help you relax and relieve some stress. However, you need to make sure that the music does not actually distract you from the work that needs to be completed.

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    Talk to friends:

    Talk to friends who are appearing for the exams alongside you. Inquire about their progress but do not take stress if they are ahead. If you have your own timetable, it is important  that you stick to it. Arrange group study sessions where needed to understand difficult concepts that friends have covered.

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    Consult teachers:

    If there are any difficult topics, consult tutors and friends who are good at them. Once the topics are clear and understood, there will be no reason for stress.

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    Be calm during the exam:

    Attempt the exams with confidence. Answer the questions that are easy first so that there is a certain level of surety. Remember, it is just one exam and there will be a lot of chances in future. Stay calm and breathe easy as you go through the allotted time.

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