Vantage Restaurant Dubai Overview

The Vantage Restaurant is a modern urban lounge located in the heart of Dubai. This contemporary restaurant is a mix of various things, as it not only serves traditional Mediterranean food but typical bar foodstuff as well. In addition, guests can enjoy sheesha and wide range of cocktails and alcoholic drinks at this venue till late night. The ambiance of Vantage Restaurant is also quite alluring, giving the view of amazing skyline of Dubai. Interior of this restaurant is quite luxurious as well. It creates a romantic atmosphere when intimate background music is played. In short, Vantage Restaurant gives a truly distinctive pleasure to the guests which is second to none.

Contact: +971 4 377 2000


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    Products & Services of Vantage Restaurant:

    Following services and products are offered at the Vantage Restaurant. These are listed below:

    - This restaurant serves both Mediterranean and typical bar food till late night.

    - To wash down the food, guests can choose a drink for themselves from the long    list of cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.

    - People who love to consume food in quantity would really like this restaurant,    as they also serve buffet.

    - Sheesha is also available at this venue, which guests can take pleasure from    after or before having the food.

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    Operational Hours of Vantage Restaurant:

    The Vantage Restaurant opens on all seven days of the week and its opening hours are from 6:00 pm till 2:00 am.

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    Location of Vantage Restaurant:

    Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates - Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

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    How to Get to Vantage Restaurant:

    By Bus

    Mall of the Emirates Metro Station 1 is the bus station that will remain best for the people, who want to get close to the Vantage Restaurant. People of Dubai can use bus number 93 to reach this bus from where they can easily get to this bistro on foot in about 3 minutes, by heading in the east course towards Halim Street. Directions from Mall of the Emirates Metro Station 1 to Vantage Restaurant.

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