Vintage Seekers Store London

Discovering and securing significant items, is what Vintage Seekers Store was established for. Their basic aim is to celebrate style and fashion of past centuries, in an innovative manner. Whether you wish to buy a lavishing vintage couture, an aged wine, a rare collection of art, or a classic ride ,you can easily find a product priced according to its condition and rarity. Besides selling pieces they also welcome people to sell vintage items, which are more than 25 years old, but less than 100. If being a vintage seeker you consider yourself as a sensible person who cares for antique items and loves collecting them, then do arrange a visit at the Vintage Seekers Store, or use the site given below to take a look at their extravagant collection of items.

Visit: Vintage Seekers Store Website

Contact: +44 20 7836 5596


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    Things to do at Vintage Seekers Store:

    Vintage Seeker Store, in short is a planet of antiques. Every possible product or piece which may come into your mind, can be found here. Whether you intend to look for some sort of collectible items, interiors (mirrors, tables, seating, luggage, ceramics, beds etc), or wardrobe designs, classic motoring, vintage watches or rare wine and spirits at Vintage Seeker Store you will not need to hunt down that ‘find’.

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    Operational Hours of Vintage Seeker Store:

    From Monday to Friday you can make a call anytime between 9:30 am – 6:00 pm, in order to inquire about a shop of your interest at Vintage Seeker Store.

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    Nearest Attractions:

    You can spot various sites and attractions in the neighborhood of Vintage Seeker Store. Places which are situated within a mile distance are mentioned as follow:

    The Phoenix Garden, St Anne's Church Anglican, Horse Guards Parade, London Park, The Court Restaurant, Royal Opera House, The British Library, The Banqueting House, London Transport Museum, Limousine Hire London Eye, Freemasons Hall.

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    Location of Vintage Seeker Store:

    The store is located at this address, 65-67 Neal St, London WC2H 9PJ, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Vintage Seeker Store:

    By Tube:

    You will need to walk for 5 minutes from the closest station, Covent Garden to the Vintage Seeker Store. In order to cover 0.2 mile distance from the station to your actual destination direct yourself towards northwest on the Lon Acre/B402. After wrapping up 79 feet, take a left turn onto Neal St and cover 0.1 distances, to reach at the store. This Route Map will help you with the exact pedestrian directions.

    By Bus:

    Bus stop Cambridge Circus (Stop B) is 0.1 mile away from the store. The route numbers which makes stop at this station are 14, 19, 38, N19, N20, N38 and N41.

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