What Are e-cigarettes And How Do They Work

The e-cigarettes also known as personal vaporizer were first introduced by Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963. The purpose of this device was to cut down the use of tobacco, while maintaining the nicotine consumption and the subsequent satisfaction which the smokers seek. Due to a variety of reason, Gilbert’s device never got commercialized and the concept was forgotten till the turn of the 21stcentury when a Chinese chemist introduced a more effective method of vaporizing the liquid nicotine.

By 2004, the commercial production of e-cigarettes started and in 2007, it was introduced in the United States of America.


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    How e-cigarettes work

    The function of e-cigarettes is pretty simple. The device consists of an outer casing – cartridge – which houses a rechargeable battery, foam (which is soaked by the liquid), and atomizer (which is basically a battery powered heating coil), and a liquid cartridge.

    The liquid used in e-cigarettes normally consists of polymeric variants of glycol and glycerine coupled with concentrated flavours, and varying amounts of nicotine.

    When an e-cigarette is inhaled, the coil heats up, vaporizing the nicotine based solution and the consumer gets clean nicotine, free from the smoke (tar) generated by burning of tobacco in conventional cigarettes.

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    Although e-cigarette manufacturing companies claim the effectiveness of this cigarette, it is still unclear whether vaporized nicotine is safe for the consumers or not. The other problem associated with the e-cigarettes is that they are not subject to the tobacco laws, due to the absence of tobacco in them. This effectively means that there is no age restriction attached with the procurement of these cigarettes, and there is a growing fear that children under the age of 18 can be attracted towards smoking via e-cigarettes.

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    Where to buy them

    There are basically two options to buy e-cigarettes – from a local store near you or online. It is better to buy the e-cigarettes online; there are many advantages to it. Firstly, in a local store, you will only find limited brands of these cigarettes and the available flavours may also be only few. On the other hand, by going online, you will have access to all brands of e-cigarettes and you can easily make a choice, based on your budget and flavour preferences.

    Secondly in a local store, you may not have an access to all the e-cigarette accessories. For example, if you want to replace your cartridge or the rechargeable battery, there is a good chance that you may not find the appropriate fit to the model you are already using. If you have settled with a particular brand, this can be of great inconvenience. That problem gets eliminated online.

    Another benefit, and a major one, is that the price of e-cigarettes available with different marketing brands on the internet will be significantly lesser than in your corner shop. You just need to order for these cigarettes, a little before time. Another way to save some money through online purchase is to order in bulk.

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    The cost of the e-cigarette kit ranges from $ 50 – 200, with the cost of refill ranging from $ 2-3.

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