What is a Chef De Partie What do They Do

A chef de partie, also known as the station chef and a line cook, is responsible for all the activities in a specific area of a kitchen. Basically, a chef de partie is in charge of a section of kitchen in a restaurant.

If the restaurant is small then there is possibility that chef de partie will be working alone. However, a station chef can supervise others if the kitchen is large. A chef de partie can hold a variety of positions in case of work load. He/she can supervise and cook at the same time in high-pressure situations.


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    Status of chef de partie in the hierarchy:

    In a traditional kitchen setup, the station chef is third in command. Only the head or executive chef and sous chef are above of line cook in this chain of command. This hierarchy shows that a chef de partie takes orders from the head chef and manages his/her own staff. That is why restaurants hire only those who have some experience and the ability to work under huge pressure.

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    Types of chef de partie:

    As discussed earlier that there can be more than one station chefs in a large kitchen. In this case, the executive chef can allot them specific areas like appetisers, sauces, desserts etc. The poissonier is the cook who handles the seafood section, the rotisseur is the person who prepares roasted meats whereas the entremetier is responsible for the vegetables. Similarly, the patissier makes pastries and desserts and pantry chef takes care of all cold foods.

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    Qualities of a chef de partie:

    A chef de partie is not an ordinary cook rather he/she has full responsibility of one section so one must be knowledgeable about the menu. A line cook must be able to handle the pressure and deliver even in worse conditions. Moreover, a station chef should be confident enough to handle a complete team of chefs.

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    Duties and responsibilities:

    Though, the basic duty of a chef de partie is to supervise all the activities in a particular section but he/she may have to prepare, cook and present the meals in the restaurants. Apart from cooking, a chef de partie is also responsible for health and hygiene standards in the kitchen. The chef de partie is a very important position for any top quality restaurant.

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