What is a Conspiracy Charge with Drugs

Conspiracy charge with drugs are cases where a number of people, more than one, are accused of conspiring to distribute drugs or any other contraband material. The trial of these cases depends on the evidence presented by the prosecution. If the prosecutors are convinced that there is substantial amount of evidence that two people were conspiring to traffic drugs in a community, they can take the case before the criminal court and the persons accused are charged under the criminal law. The conviction in these cases depends on the criteria.


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    Conspiracy to charge cases involves conspiring to traffic drug by a couple of or more than two people. It is not necessary they are actually found distributing the drugs.

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    The persons accused of drug trafficking face criminal charge and are charged by the prosecutors under the criminal procedure code (CrPC). The scope of charge can vary depending much on the evidence that the prosecutors have to present before the court.

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    The conspiracy charge with drugs can also be applied for conspiring to distribute other contraband material, and the persons accused of conspiring to distribute contraband are prosecuted the same way the accused of drug trafficking are.

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    The success of the case depends on the evidence that is collected and presented by the prosecution and if the court finds that the evidence does not substantiate proceeding of the trial, the prosecution's case is turned down.

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    Conspiracy charge with drugs does not involve actual drugs distribution or trafficking, but if the prosecutor can prove that two or more than two people were conspiring i.e. conversation recording, they can make a strong case before the court.

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    The collection of evidence in the conspiracy charge with drugs includes meetings of two or more people in a way that is tantamount to conspiring the drug trafficking. It also involves conversation, collection of any package containing drugs or contraband stuff or other such practices.

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    The conspiracy charge can be levied against any person found involved in conspiring at any level. For example, if someone is serving as a contact or offering message delivery services, they can be charged the way the person who might have been involved in actual distribution of drugs is charged.

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    The evidence can include witnesses or it is not necessary, because conspiring is always done in a secret way. Sometimes, police can use informers to help them collect enough evidence that a case can be presented against conspirators.

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