What is a Donor Conceived Person

A donor conceived person, who is also referred as a donor offspring, is a term used for persons who were conceived by a mother through donation of sperm or ova (egg donation) or even both by a person or a couple. In some cases, sperm is donated by one person and egg by another, who are called as couples. Donor conceived people often do not know about their biological parents. Information of their biological parents is not included on the birth certificates and they are known only by the mother who has given them birth.


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    Sperm of donation is common to lesbian couples or couples who are told that they are fertile. The woman is conceived through the donated sperm and eggs and the baby is born the same way babies conceived through natural intercourse are born.

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    Sometimes sperm is donated by one person and ova (egg) by another.In this case, many times couples are the donating people, but they can be two persons who do not have any relationship between them. They are still referred as couples.

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    Persons conceived through donation of sperm and eggs do not know about their biological parents, since no information is taken about them on such children's birth certificates. They know the woman as their mother which they are born to, and her partner or husband as their father.

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    In the countries where pregnancies through donated sperms and eggs is legally allowed, there is no difference between the rights of donor conceived persons and naturally conceived persons. The state recognizes both as equal citizens. Also, since no one knows about the donor, the information about biological parents is not known to the state.

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    Sometimes donor conceived person finds it difficult to adjust socially as a question about their true or biological parents keeps bothering them. This is the reason that often people are not told about the way they were conceived. This can result in their social stigmatization, as the society in general is still not comfortable with such method of pregnancy. It recognises the process as 'immoral' and 'unethical'.

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    Nevertheless, the number of born babies continues to rise. Some surveys has shown that nearly 40,000 live babies were born until the year 2005 and the number is increasing. With improvement of technology, now different methods are used for donation and implantation of eggs. The improvement of social structure in some countries has also helped in promotion of this way of pregnancies.

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