What Is Chutney Used For

Chutney is the family name for a number of Indian condiments. Chutneys enjoy immense popularity in eastern cuisine and have now started appearing in a number of western dishes too. They come in a large variety and can be made with fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. The texture and flavor of each variety differs according to the ingredients used in it. Chutneys can be both hot and sweet and the flavor decides the nature of use. The varieties are limitless to a point that a chutney can be made out of a combination of almost all vegetables, herbs and spices. They are also a healthy choice because they are not processed and use natural products. A chutney can be made fresh and used on the spot. It can also be stored in the refrigerator at convenience for later use and will retain its freshness for long. The ingredients and preparation depends on the use that you have in mind.


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    With meat:

    The greatest use of chutney historically and today, remains to be as accompaniment to something meaty. In Indian cuisine, they are enjoyed with curry made of chicken, lamb or beef. The chutney helps balance the flavor and also aids in digestion of the heavy food. In western cuisines, it can be paired with ham, turkey and barbeque. Meat accompaniment chutney varieties usually include cilantro, tomato, mint and green chilli.

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    Chutneys make great dips.  They can be enjoyed with French fries, dipsticks, pita bread and nan. The dip prepared can be both sweet and sour. Most chutneys made for dipping have yogurt and pepper added to them for consistency and taste. Pour some chutney over cream cheese and serve with crackers to make an amazing starter dish. Mix chutney with mayonnaise and use it as spread for your sandwiches.

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    As topping:

    Chutney also makes great topping for salads, pasta, pizza and lasagna. You can prepare a chutney out of fruit like apple and plum and use it as a topping on any of these. A chutney prepared with fruits and vegetables gives your food a healthy edge and plays down the fat. An awesome dressing for your dishes can be made by mixing garlic, lemon juice and pepper which will give them an exciting twist.

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