What Is Honey Mead Made From

Honey mead is a classical brewed drink which you can easily make at home. Its alcohol content is higher as compared to wine and if you want to brew at home, mead is the best option for you. Remember that honey adds sweetness in its flavour which makes it tastes even better. There are several types of meads but you can start from making basic mead.

Ready in: three to six months

Things Required:

– 1 needle or safety pin
– 1 large balloon
– large pot
– 1 gallon fresh water
– 2 to 3 lbs of unprocessed honey
– 2 tbsp. Cinnamon
– 1 package of active dry yeast
– 1 small box of raisins


  • 1

    Place honey container in hot water

    First you need to fill up your sink with hot water. Then place the honey container in it for almost 15 minutes. This will allow you to pour honey easily. Remember that you need to place unopened and sealed honey container.

  • 2

    Mix honey and water

    Next you need to pour half water out of the gallon jug and place the heated honey into the jug. Take caution when pouring the honey into the jug. Then you need to mix yeast and 20 raisins inside the mixture. Also add cinnamon in order to add flavouring.

  • 3

    Mix it thoroughly

    After adding the ingredients into the jug, you need to mix it thoroughly. Shake the mixture for several minutes. Remember to screw the cap before shaking.

  • 4

    Add water

    Now you need to add water to fill the jug after removing the cap. Fill it in a way that only one or two inch of jug is empty. Then you need to screw the cap again and shake the jug. This is to mix the water in the mead.

  • 5

    Attach the balloon

    Next you need to poke a hole in the balloon and then attach it on the top of the jug. You can poke with help of a needle or a safety pin and remove the cap before attaching the balloon. This will not only keep the mixture sealed but will also allow carbon dioxide to escape.

  • 6

    Store the mead

    After attaching the balloon, you need to store the mead for almost a week or 10 days. When the bubble deflates, transfer the mead in a new container. Now you need to store the mead for three to six months. After mead is fermented, you can drink it.

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