What is the Difference Between NTSC and PAL

NTSC stands for the National Television Standards Committee whereas PAL stands for Phase Alternating Line. These are two formats mostly used in the world. While NTSC is popular mostly in North America which includes the United States and Canada, PAL is particularly more popular in Europe, Asia and in some parts of Africa.

There are products that may not work if you use them in a different region so it is extremely important that you check thoroughly before you buy. A DVD, for instance, bought in Europe may not properly work in Canada due the difference in formats.

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    The electric difference is judged by the electrical power generated in different regions. In the United States, the electrical power generated is about 60 hertz whereas in Europe it is 50 hertz. NTSC supports the power generated in US and has a major monopoly in North America.

    NTSC’s main region is North America. The format is coded according to the specifications of this region and this is the main reason the format cannot be used in any other place. NTSC has lesser lines of resolution which set at different frames to second ratio. This is the main reason why televisions or DVD players from different regions do not work in another one.

    As NTSC is an older format, the colour signals were added later to it. NTSC formats show black and white pictures when they are used in a different region.

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    PAL supports the power in Europe, Asia and most parts of Africa. The format has a distinct frames to second ratio in which there are more lines of resolution in a television. The resolution of the format is slightly better because of this.

    PAL was developed after colour broadcasting started so it has a better signal quality in comparison to the older version.

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