Wimbledon Tennis Tournament in London

Major Walter Clopton Wingfield was never aware of the fact that lawn tennis, which he devised in 1876, will acquire such an extensive flimflam all over the world. Yes! He was the one who invented this racquet sport by the name of Sphairistike. Londoners were so much fascinated by this sport that in the next year, 1977 a tennis tournament, which is prominent by the name of Wimbledon Tennis Tournament was initialized. Since its inauguration,  the event been taking place in Wimbledon, London Borough of Merton, although it’s being viewed from fans present, all over the world. The event takes place for two weeks, starting from later days of June till earlier dates of July. The auspicious winner of the game is honored with the purse of £14,600,000.

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    History of the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament:

    This prestigious sport is considered to be the oldest tennis tournament, which makes it more eminent and significant.  Initially it was named as the Sphairistike, which basically means a racquet sport. This invention brought a massive change in the field of sports. In the preliminary period tennis  was admired by many people, and soon it turned into a royal and majestic game. Walter Clopton Wingfield besides being inventor of the Lawn tennis, is also recognized as founder of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. His efforts and work cannot be ignored, if we recall the history of this prestigious sport.

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    Date of Wimbledon Tennis Tournament in London

    There is no specific date when the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament in London takes place. But usually it is scheduled over 2 weeks starting from the end of June, till the initial week of July.

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    Notable Performances of Wimbledon Tennis Tournament in London:

    Since very long time several notable performances have been presented, and the super starts of tennis have marked their positions by setting astonishing records.

    Since 1880 William Renshaw, who is recognized as the best tennis player of all time, succeeded in winning 14 championships (double, mixed, singles). On the other hand an American legendary tennis player Elizabeth Ryan acquiring 19 victories is known for having most championships.

    A German tennis star Boris Becker being the youngest winner, has been honored with 17 victories. Besides victors there is another notable performance in the history of Wimbledon Tennis Tournament and that is the longest match; in the year 2010 John Isner and his opponent Nicolas Mahut played an eleven hour and five minutes long match, which was won by Nicolas Mahut.

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    How to Get to Wimbledon Tennis Tournament in London:

    By Tube:

    Southfield Tube Station is the nearest rapid transit from the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. By walk it will take total 21 minutes to cover a mile distance. Initiate your walk in the south direction on the Wimbledon Park Rd. keep on commencing until you reach the Bathgate Rd. Take a left turn, and then move towards the Somerset Rd. After covering 0.3 mile you will reach at your destination. For further details you can take help from the Pedestrian Directions.

    By Bus:

    Wimbledon, Somerset Road (SW19) (N-bound) is the nearest bus station to your destination. If you wish to avail the bus service, then try taking buses which makes a stop at this station.

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    How to Make your Visit Special at the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament:

    Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is not just a normal event, but its lot more than that. Fans from all over the globe visit the city of London, in urge to see the live performance of their favorite tennis stars. Though watching the entire show publically, will definitely makes your visit special, still there are few ways which can help you in saving a precious memory.

    If any of your friend or your better half, is a huge fan of tennis then surprise him/her by buying a ticket of the tournament.

    You can also make this moment over-whelming for yourself by taking your kids along, they will definitely enjoy the game and gain interest in it. Try buying the tickets as early as possible so that you can attain a fantastic view of the match, from your desired seat.

    At the end of the match the tennis stars will also be there to give autographs, you can take a picture with them and make the event more priceless for yourself.

    In the course of your visit, you are also allowed to take a tour of the Wimbledon grounds and see how the entire venue is used for the championship.

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    Things to Do at the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament:

    Since the beginning of the year fans are anxiously waiting for the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Though match is the essential reason , still there are several other things which can keep you bust at the event.

    A museum is present at Wimbledon which is known for granting visitors (tournament ticket-holder visitors) a multi-dimensional tour of the tennis traditions and history. Things which have made tennis the most fashionable and popular sport can be viewed at this spectacular museum.

    Under the supervision of a tour guide you will also be given a chance to visit the Wimbledon’s Grounds, and get to know how the venue is used and what its importance is. It is up to you whether you wish to get your tickets booked in advance, or on the specific day.

    Besides a fanatical trip, the experts will also embrace you with the knowledge of the game, how is it played and what is the procedure of calculating scores.

    The Wingfield Café is present within the empire of tennis, that contains a quality and scrumptious variety of food, drinks, and gourmet items.

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    How to purchase Tickets:

    There are various ways through which you can acquire the ticket to this classic event. The most preferable is the Public Ballot, which is opened approximately six months earlier than the event’s date. Later in the month of February the results are announced.  Besides online ticket sales, you can also purchase a ticket on the day of game. But for that you might miss the chance because only 500 tickets are usually issued. For further details related to the entrance you can take help from the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament Ticket.

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