Winter Sales in London

It is common among prudent people to wait all year around for the start of sale season – usually in winter – so that they purchase their favorite items at discounted prices. The most sought after sale season of London is in winters starting from Boxing Day and continuing till the whole of January. It is commonly referred to as January Sale or winter sale in London. At certain products the discount offer can reach as high as 75% of the original sale price. Mostly people expect to get high-end fashion and luxury wears, but if somebody is well-informed then gadgets and gardening items can also be purchased at the winter sales of London.


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    Harrods January sale

    Harrods, one of the most illustrious retail stores of London, continues to offer January sales from 26th December till 23rd January. You can expect to get upto 60% off on certain items during your January sale gala at Harrods.

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    Westfield London

    Westfield London presents hundreds of fashion stores of famous brands. You will be amazed at finding on-sale products of various reputed designer or fashion brands.

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    John Lewis

    You have the option to purchase dresses, tops and other clothing items from the January sale of the all too famous departmental store, John Lewis.

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    Winter at Selfrdiges brings a mammoth sale which starts right from the boxing day. You can avail discounts of upto 50% at Selfridges.

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    House of Fraser

    House of Fraser, with hundrerds of brands under its roof, provides a fabulous opportunity to benfit from the sale. Get ready to head straight to House of Fraser at 318 Oxford Street and buy your favorite items.

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    Fortnum and Mason

    Fortnum and Mason don’t lag behind others when it comes to January sales. This glorious departmental store with all its exquisite array of products brings an ultimate sale opportunity for you.

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    Liberty departmental store located in the shopping haven of Regent Street is noted among shoppers for its January sales. The up-market luxury items are surely not to be missed at Liberty.

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    Brent Cross

    Hendon district of London boasts this glamorous shopping venue, Brent Cross shopping centre, with various stores inside it which will definitely grab your attention. Even if you are not after fashion items, gadgets store and games workshop will serve the purpose.

  • 9

    Clifton Nurseries

    ‘Clifton Nurseries’ has a history of holding January sales and you can expect to get a huge discount. So get ready if you are thinking about renovating your house or garden with a grand variety of indoor or outdoor plants.

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