Wednesday Markets in London

Wednesday is considered as a fine day to visit markets in London because most markets of the capital open on this day of the week. Therefore, Wednesday provides Londoners a great opportunity to stock up various things like food, household goods and clothes from these markets. The list of markets which open on Wednesdays include some big names as well for instance on the west side, Londoners can go to Shepherd’s Bush Market, whereas in the east, Walthamstow Market opens on this day. In brief, Wednesday markets have almost everything for everyone who is up for shopping on this day.


  • 1

    Alfie's Antique Market

    If you are looking to buy some excellent home decorations of 20th century then Alfie's Antique Market at Church Street in the capital of Great Britain is your ultimate destination. Due to the reason that shops in Alfie's Antique Market are packed up till roof with home decors, vintage furniture, art, accessories etc.  

  • 2

    Berwick Street Market

    Although Berwick Street Market is not too big like most of the other food markets in London, but the traders of this market place still keep extensive range of food in their shops and stalls. Moreover, Berwick Street Market is London’s oldest market places and can found in the West of the capital.

  • 3

    Brixton Market

    If you call Brixton Market a sensory fiesta, it wouldn’t be wrong because when it comes to cooking homogeneity, this market can be compared with big names like Borough market and others. Shoppers will find stalls of various food items in Brixton Market  from where they can buy what they need.

  • 4

    Camden Market

    Camden Market is a name of a site where Londoners can find plenty of delights if they are familiar with this marketplace. This market, although has stalls and shops of different items, but it is more famous and considered quite good for buying clothing. Due to this factor, Camden Market is considered an undisputed champion.

  • 5

    Chapel Street Market

    Those who love to shop in a lively atmosphere would really like to shop at Chapel Street Market in the British capital. This market not has typical bellowing traders who are selling different household goods and food items, but shoppers will also get to see celebrities - which is not an unusual sight at Chapel Street Market.

  • 6

    Covent Garden Market

    One of the most busiest markets in the capital of Great Britain is Covent Garden Market. The major reason behind being a crowded market is that from there, Londoners can purchase numerous items on discounted prices. However, Covent Garden Market is more famous among Londoners for the shopping of clothes and household goods.

  • 7

    Deptford Market

    This picturesque market extends over Griffin Street and Deptford High Street where enthusiastic local traders create a lively community sense and keep the streets bustling with energy. Deptford Market is considered good for buying vintage and food items, but shoppers will find numerous other things on sale as well.

  • 8

    Greenwich Market

    If a person is planning to buy collectibles or antiques on Wednesday then Greenwich Market at Off College Approach in London offers plenty of variety. Since there are plenty of stalls and shops of collectibles and antiques from which an individual can select one for him or her.

  • 9

    Hoxton Street Market

    One of the markets which open quite early on Wednesday in the British capital is Hoxton Street Market. This market place opens around 7:30 am and people can buy different things till evening from this site. Hoxton Street is good for purchasing fresh fruits, household things and clothes at affordable prices.

  • 10

    Leather Lane

    Another favourite market of Londoners for buying household goods and food is Leather Lane Market. It is located in the eastern part of the capital of Great Britain from where shoppers can also purchase towels, clothes, fruits, vegetables and flowers on cheap rates aside from food and household goods.

  • 11

    Lower Marsh

    Jewellery is an essential item for female shoppers and they always remain in search of buying unique set of jewels at affordable prices. Due to this reason, one will find several female shoppers at Lower Marsh Market in London, as it is considered quite good for by buying jewelry, clothes and food items.

  • 12

    Piccadilly Market

    This market can be found where a quintessential church and West End London chic meet; enclosed in the patio of St James church and one side of this market is bordered by leaf gardens. However, the thing which makes Piccadilly Market special is its stalls and shops of arts and crafts.

  • 13

    Portobello Road Market

    A combination of several markets on Portobello Road is called Portobello Road Market. These various markets within Portobello Road Market have their specialties as antiques can be found on the Notting Hill Gate side and food stalls are up ahead of antiques market. Similarly, shoppers can find designer and vintage clothes in other parts of Portobello Road Market.

  • 14

    Petticoat Lane Market

    If shoppers find Spitalfields Market too crowded they can always head towards Petticoat Lane Market that is just a few streets away in the south. At Petticoat Lane Market, shoppers will find stalls of household goods in abundance. Therefore, both locals and tourists in heavy numbers can be found shopping for household goods from Petticoat Lane Market.

  • 15

    Queen's Market

    Queen’s Market can be found on the right side if a person turns left onto Green Street after exiting from Upton Park tube station. This market is good for buying food, kitchenware and household items from the stalls and shops set up by traders of different immigrant communities.

  • 16

    Ridley Road Market

    Whether it is fruit, vegetable, handcrafted soaps, clothes or other foot items you are looking to buy, Ridley Road Market has shops and stalls of all these varieties. Moreover, visitors can buy all these items without digging too deep in their pockets. Plus the quality of the products put up for sale at Ridley Road Market is not bad either.

  • 17

    Shepherd's Bush Market

    Huge variety of clothes, food, household items and more can be found at Shepherd's Bush Market, which makes this site a heaven for the Londoners, who come here to shop from all over the capital. Shoppers can even find three piece suits from Shepherd's Bush Market plus grocery products for weekly use.

  • 18

    Smithfield Market

    Aside from meat shops, Londoners now have a big meat market that caters to the white meat, mutton and beef devotees. This market is called Smithfield Market and one can also call it London Central Market. This is one of the oldest markets in the British capital as it was opened way back in 1868 by Smithfield.

  • 19

    Stables Market

    The facilities and condition of the stalls at Stables Market were spruced up in recent past to boast the number of shoppers. This boost in the number of shoppers then will automatically help raise the sales of this market, as Stables Market has a lot more to offer than just a variety of clothes.

  • 20

    Strutton Ground Market

    Flowers, jewellery, and clothes can be found in abundance at Strutton Ground Market in London in spite of the fact that the size of this marketplace is small as compared to the other markets in the capital. The products available at Strutton Ground Market are not low in quality therefore it is quite famous among the locals who keep this site buzzy, especially on Wednesdays.

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