Auto Selling: How to Write a Good Used Car Classified Ad?

If trying to sell a car independently, advertising is critical. Most car buyers choose to purchase from a dealership because of the large selection of vehicles. On the other hand, some buyers favor independent car sellers because these vehicles usually have lower price tags. The used car classified section of the newspaper is loaded with vehicles for sale. For this matter, it is easy for your ad to become lost in the shuffle. Thus, writing a good or effective used car classified ad is very important. Because classified ads are expensive and charge per line, some car sellers slack on the details. However, if eager to sell your vehicle quickly, it is necessary to include as much detail as possible. Consider the following tips for writing a good used car classified ad.

What is the Car’s Make, Model, and Year? – Providing information about the vehicle’s make, model, and year seem obvious. Yet, you may be surprised at the number of used car ads that lack this information. Car buyers do not have the time, nor the patience to sift through car ads with little information. To avoid being unnoticed, include the make, model, and year in the first line. If possible, add bold print (ex. 2004 Toyota Camry).

Mileage – What is the vehicle’s mileage? Even if the mileage is high, include this information. However, make sure the price tag is appropriate for the mileage. Car buyers are savvy, and many will research the car’s worth. If hoping to find a quick buyer, price the car fairly.

Give a Vehicle Description – What is the vehicle’s color? Is it a four door or a coupe? If the vehicle is in good condition, or needs minor repairs, mention this in the classified ad. Avoid long descriptions. For the most part, one or two words are sufficient for describing the vehicle. Descriptive terms such as good condition, mint condition, reliable, fair condition, or junker are appropriate. If the vehicle needs cosmetic repairs or maintenance such as a paint job, tires, brakes, etc., include this information within the ad.

What is the Price? – After listing the make, model, year, mileage, and description, list the asking price for the vehicle. Is the price negotiable? Will you accept the best offer?

Contact Information – Include contact information in the classified ad. Never list an address. By doing so, eager buyers may show up at your home unexpected. Rather, include a cell phone or home phone number.

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