Reasons to Purchase a Hybrid Car

They are all the rage in car buying. People who were once buying up large, gas guzzling SUV vehicles are now looking into a “greener” way to drive. Hybrid cars are known for their ability to get great gas mileage and for being environmentally friendly. The new hybrid cars are an excellent choice for anyone looking to save money at the gas pump and help natural resources. Car manufacturers are starting to take notice and are making hybrids because they are small and fuel-efficient. They have also noticed that more people want these new breeds of cars. Hybrids are powered by a combination of an efficient gas engine and by electric motor that helps with accelerations. Batteries that recharge automatically power the electric motor.

Not just those looking to save a few bucks at the pump are lining up to purchase a hybrid. Even celebrities are turning to the environmentally friendly hybrid to make statements. While hybrids do have a higher initial purchase price and are often hard to find due to high demand, there are many great reasons for choosing a hybrid. The next time you are in the market to purchase a new car, consider these reasons to go hybrid.

Hybrid cars are friendly to the environment. Because a hybrid idles less and is more fuel efficient, it benefits the environment. This is a huge benefit for many drivers who want to feel like they are doing something to help the environment. The hybrid gets better gas mileage than a conventional gas engine. They consume less gas and produce less pollution per mile that other non-hybrid cars. Some hybrids can get ten to fifteen miles per gallon more than a regular gas engine. They are also capable of producing 90 percent fewer harmful emissions. With all the talk about global warming, hybrid cars are the cars of the future.

Hybrid cars are typically smaller than a typical car and have more efficient engines. The efficiency of the hybrid is boosted by the small size and lightweight materials used to make the car. Hybrid vehicles also have regenerative braking. This means that the electric motor that drives the hybrid acts as a generator and charges the battery while the car is slowing. Hybrids also have a periodic engine shut off, meaning when a hybrid is stopped in traffic, the engine is temporarily shut off. Then the car is put pack in gear, the car starts automatically. This helps save energy and gas. The efficiency of a hybrid car outperforms that of a conventional car.

More car manufacturers are now starting to offer more choices and styles in hybrid cars. As the popularity of the hybrid car rises, more makes and models are being offered. A buyer is no longer limited to the small Toyota Prius. Although a great choice of cars, the Prius is small and buyers could feel limited. Now, buyers can purchase a Honda Civic and a Ford Escape in hybrids. GMC and Chevy are currently making two hybrid pick up trucks called the C15 Silverado and the C15 Sierra. The Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are also available in hybrid. In the near future, Saturn, Lexus, Honda, and Chevrolet will make hybrid SUVs available to the public. In addition, Chevrolet will offer their Malibu in hybrid form in 2007. Now since so many hybrid cars are available on the market, you can choose almost any style that suits you. Choose a hybrid that looks like a conventional car such as the Ford Escape. You can also have the choice of choosing a car that looks completely different than anything else on the market, such as the Toyota Prius.

Hybrid cars utilize the newest technology and offers sleek, aerodynamic designs. The aerodynamically designed hybrid cars are great for reducing drag. Also, the uses of low-rolling resistant tires made of special rubber reduce friction on the road. The high capacity nickel-metal-hydride battery pack is reliable and helps power the car when needed. This helps reduce the drag of the car when driving. The sleek profiles and designs of the hybrid allow the car to drive well through all conditions. Hybrids use the latest in power-train technology, too. The computer used in the hybrid car uses the latest technology and enhances the driving performance

There is a tax advantage for purchasing a hybrid car. The Federal government currently offers tax breaks to people who buy hybrids through 2006. The amount of your tax break depends on when you file and what tax bracket you are in. Some states are also starting to offer tax breaks to those who purchase hybrid vehicles. If you want to get in on the Federal tax cut, you better look into making that hybrid purchase soon.

Although hybrid cars seen on the market now are new, hybrid technology has been around for a long time. In 1899, Porsche was the first to build the first successful hybrid car. The popularity of the hybrid did not catch on until the 1990s when Honda introduces the Insight and Toyota began selling the Prius. In the 2000s, plug-in hybrid cars became the standard. These were recharged from an electrical power grid and did not require conventional fuel for short trips. The Toyota Pruis was one of the first popular hybrid cars on the market that utilized an economical gas engine and a battery operated motor.

If you are looking to purchase a hybrid car, the advice is to look around and do some research. Also, be prepared to wait in line. You may find that depending on the area where you live, you will have to order your new hybrid car and wait for several months. Car makers are trying to catch up on the demand. The rapidly rising cost of fuel is the main reason many consumers are making the switch to hybrid cars. The market for both new and used hybrids is hot.

In 2004, the car maker, Toyota estimated that there were 36,000 Prius cars available in the United States alone. That number was increased to over 47,000 after the Prius made it’s way on the market. The Prius plant currently works at its maximum capacity to keep up with the growing demand for the hybrid car. Some dealerships have waiting lists that are several months long. Toyota reports that there is an estimated 22,000 Prius cars on backorder.

The demands for hybrids are huge and still growing. The fact is that hybrids only make up less than one percent of car production and more and more drivers want them. Purchasing a hybrid makes the consumer feel good. They can have a good looking car made by a top manufacturer and know that they are helping to save the environment.

Last year, long waiting lists were the norm for those shopping for a hybrid. One could expect to wait months before getting their new car. The production and availably could not keep up with the demand. Even as more and more automakers increase their production of hybrids, potential buyers must wait. If a hybrid shows up on a lot, most are already spoken for before they arrive.
Because the demand for hybrid cars is so high, buyers must understand what they are looking for when going to purchase a hybrid car. High demand means that dealers are less likely to come down on the prices. Oftentimes, new hybrids sell for several thousands dollars more than their retail value. Many used hybrids can cost as much or more as the brand new cars. It is recommended when shopping for a hybrid, to remember the demand. Do research; know what you are looking for and what you are willing to pay. Most of all, be patient.

Another tip for shopping for a hybrid is to remember supply and demand. Some areas may not have a high demand for hybrid cars, while other areas might have huge waiting list. Also, remember that distribution centers often favor dealerships that can sell big volumes. You might find that hybrid on a larger lot while the smaller dealership waits. Call around to dealerships and find out how the waiting lists work at that particular car lot. If you already have a good relationship with one dealership, it is wise to work with them again. Many dealerships give first priority to repeat customers, too.

Another bit of advice when shopping for a hybrid is to stay flexible. Because of the large demand, keep in mind that you may not get your first choice in color or style. Know what else is available on the market. Be flexible on the options you are willing or not willing to live without.

Buying a hybrid car can help you save on fuel and maintence cost in the long run. You can help protect the environment and feel good about your choice of cars when you purchase a hybrid vehicle.

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