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Looking for something to entertain you online? Runescape would be the place for you! It is an online RGP portal powered by Jagex. It is great fun and easy on the computer system. There is nothing to download (unless you want to) because the game is played right on the internet. Your hard drive stays open as you travel through the world of Runescape. You can start this wonderful adventure through the website Everything you need to start a grand adventure can be found on this site.

Role playing online isn’t just for kids any more. More and more adults are joining the fun as well. At any given time there are over 10,000 people experiencing the world of Runescape. There are so many chances to meet people from all over the world in a safe environment. Best of all, it is free to play. But the free accounts are limited. For only $5 per month you can upgrade to a member account and get the ability to enjoy all the skills as well as the ability to travel further and deeper into the Runescape world. I enjoy the membership on this site. I like being able to go anywhere anytime. Plus the skills I can do are so much fun.

One of the greatest features of Runescape is the ability to do so many different types of things with your virtual character. There are skills to train, such as combat and magic. There are other skills that are more for fun, like farming and construction. My personal fav skill is farming. I can have my very own garden without the sunburn. There are places to visit with different cultures to get to know. Gnome villages with trees to climb. Mummy tombs to explore. Fishing holes where the strangest of fish lurk�Plus, there are quests. And from quests come great rewards! The quests come in many shapes and sizes: very easy and short to very difficult and long. The rewards vary too. But that is all part of the fun.

Being a part of Runescape as a parent has some great advantages too. You are able to see firsthand the activities that your child is involved with on a day to day basis. You can also talk to their friends.

Now, if you play along side your child you will have more dinner conversation than you know what to do with. One of the greatest aspects of this virtual world is that they have safeties build into the game itself. There are no curse words that pop on the screen. They are automatically blocked. Also, personal information such as telephone number or email address is also blocked automatically. My favorite safety feature though is the report feature. If someone does find a way around the above mentioned safeties, then there is the ability to report them to Jagex. If they are found to be in violation then their accounts can be terminated. That gives me peace of mind.

Runescape is a wonderful place to play a virtual game and enjoy time with new friends. There are things to do alone or with others. I highly recommend playing Runescape online when the need for adventure or just time with your children strikes your fancy.

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