Microsoft to Come Out with Two New XBox Systems

Just recently we heard Microsoft’s next generation gaming console, the XBox 360 will release two versions of there system. The XBox 360 which comes out sometime this fall was scheduled to be one system, but Microsoft thought the price could be too steep for some people, so they went along with a double system deal. The basic differences of the two would simply be one has the whole package, and the other without the hard drive, wireless controls and other simple features. Price Difference? About a hundred dollars, so it is worth every penny if you are willing to spend the extra money on the more full featured system.

The fully loaded system will sell for about $399.99 in the USA, Canada and Mexico which is about three times more than Microsoft’s current system, while the other lower featured system named the “XBox 360 Core System”, will go for 299.99 in the USA, Canada and Mexico. While these prices still seem a bit too steep, they really aren’t. Originally I thought the systems would go for at least $500.00, but with the amount of entertainment involved in the XBox 360, Microsoft would want there gamers to enjoy every bit of it for a better price.

While the “Core” System is $100.00 less than it’s more fully powered system, every extra accessory can be purchased for the “Core” System. If you purchase the “Core” System and find out later that you need the 20 Gigabyte Hard Drive, than you can go out and purchase it and install it to the lower featured system. The other accessories including the Wireless Controller can easily be purchased, while it comes with the more powered machine. Other features that can be added to the “Core” Machine would be a TV Remote for DVD, the handset for XBox Live Service, and an Ethernet Cable for High-Speed Internet Connections.

Microsoft wants to beat Sony to the test and release there machine before the PS3 is released. This time being sometime in Spring is a strategy to see how well Microsoft does. The leading gaming console right now is the PS2, and Sony only looks to get stronger with the PS3. This was a marketing strategy for both, as Microsoft wants to get a heads up on the competition, and allow everyone to purchase there machine before others get hyped up with the others. Those being the PS3 and the Nintendo Revolution.

All in all, every system will have there ups and downs, but Microsoft is looking to gain complete edge over every system coming out. Whether it be there main power, or the games they decide to develop. We will just have to see how well the XBox 360 does.

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