Six Ways to Look Thinner Right Now

The clothes you wear, and the way you wear them, could be making you look like you weigh more than you actually do.

It seems like everyone wants to look thinner. And while diet and exercise are ways to accomplish that goal, you can use clothes to look thinner right now.

Clothes that fit well will make you look thinner.

Clothes that are big and over-sized won’t hide the fact that you are a few pounds overweight. Instead, they will just make you look bigger and bulkier than you already are.

By the same token, it might feel great to be able to squeeze into jeans that are a size eight. But, if those jeans are too small for your body, not only will you be uncomfortable wearing them, the too-small size will emphasize each and every one of your figure flaws, as well as creating lumps and bumps in places where you don’t actually have them.

Buying clothes that well-fitted clothes will help you look thinner. And don’t rely on the size on the label. Try on the clothes before you leave the store. Are they comfortable without being too loose? Are they well fitted without being too tight? Then they are probably for you.

Wide-legged pants will make you look thinner.

Pants with wide legs fall in a straight line from your hips down. This long, uninterrupted flow will not only make you look thinner, it will also make you look taller, a definite bonus.

To look thinner, choose longer pants.

Those capris pants might look cute on the rack, but they won’t help you look thinner. You want the eyes of the people looking at you to flow from the top of your head down to the ground. But pants that end above your ankles will stop that flow dead in its tracks.

Longer pants will maintain the straight, slender line you’re trying to create which will, in turn, make you look thinner.

One particularly slenderizing look is wearing heels with pants long enough to cover most of the shoe.

To look thinner, dress in one color palette from head to toe.

Dressing in one color palette will also create a long, sleek line, this one from your shoulders down. This will make you look thinner and taller. So, if you’re wearing dark blue jeans, match it with a dark blue shirt. Pair a black skirt with a dark gray sweater.

To look thinner, choose pants and skirts without pleats or pockets.

Pleats and pockets add extra fabric around your waist and stomach, which will make those areas look bigger than they actually are. Wearing skirts and pants without pleats and pockets will make your stomach look flatter, and your hips slimmer.

Look thinner by avoiding patterns.

As you’ve seen, one way to look thinner is to create a long, uninterrupted line from top to bottom. Patterns tend to interrupt that line, the flow you’re trying to create from head to toe.

If you must wear a pattern, choose a vertical stripe, which will make you look thinner than a horizontal stripe or busy floral pattern would. But choose stripes that match the palette of the rest of your outfit. If you’re wearing a dark gray skirt, don’t choose a white shirt with red stripes. Instead, choose a shirt with gray vertical stripes.

A healthy diet and regular exercise are important when you’re trying to lose weight. But, while you’re waiting for diet and exercise to start showing results, you can look slimmer instantly just by changing the way you dress.

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