Birmingham, Alabama’s Greatest Hair Salon

“Welcome to Studio 21 Hair, where art and beauty meet. We are an innovative hair salon providing professional services to make you look and feel your best.” This is the sentence you will run across on the welcoming page at Studio 21 Hair Salon’s website. This sentence truly sums up the wonderfulness that is this salon. Here in the middle of the bustling, busy, and beautiful city Birmingham, Alabama, is a salon that offers world-class hair care and products. At Studio 21 Hair Salon they offer, Foil Highlights, Combination Foils, Designer Cuts, Perms, Cap Highlights, Dimensional Color, as well as numerous other wonderful and innovative solutions for all of your hair care needs.

At Studio 21 Hair Salon in Birmingham, Alabama, they provide a wide range of hair care services for their customers. Whether you are wanting to try out a completely new look to improve your social life and make you look like a whole new person, or if you are just needing a slight trim, Salon 21 Hair Salon has the stylists and services to get you looking your greatest in no-time. They are committed to providing a wide range of services that are constantly changing to meet the every growing needs of their customers. All of their stylists are licensed professionals, thus you are guaranteed to walk out of Salon 21 Hair Studio with a wonderful and beautiful haircut. Other services they offer their customers is hair color, designer cuts – so you can beat out all your friends when it comes to fashionable hair styles – Great Lengths Hair Extensions, which is wonderful if you are needing six extra inches of hair to work with and you don’t have a year to wait it out! Make-up tips, applications, and lessons to get you looking your best both on top of your head and on your face. As well as Waxing, because some hair you want to flaunt and some hair you want to get rid of as quickly as possible, that’s what Salon 21 Hair Salon can do for you, tend to the wanted hair, and quickly get rid of the unwanted hair.

Okay, so you just got the best haircut you have ever received in your life – much better than your fifth grade yearbook photo – and now you are on your way home, but before you leave the doors, you realize, “How am I going to keep my hair looking like this?” Because lets face it, the next morning, your hair isn’t going to look anything like it does now. So what do you do to keep your style in perfect condition? Well, first you ask your stylist how to exactly match what she or he is doing, and then, you buy the styling products that will keep your hair in tip-top-shape. At Salon 21 Hair Salon they offer only top of the line hair care products. Some of the products offered are: Nexxus which is some of the finest products for cleansing, conditioning, and styling. PureOlogy Products specializes in color preservation for your hair. Aveda, which offers a full line of plan-sourced products complete with natural aromas; this product is guaranteed to make you hair feel and look its best without having to use harsh chemicals. And lastly, Alterna Enzyme Therapy which offers customers a wide range of shampoos, conditioners, and other styling aids to keep your hair-do a “do” and not a “don’t.”

So at Studio 21 Hair Salon, you will receive the attention your hair deserves – the best.


Studio 21 Hair Salon
Highway 280, Inverness
446 Cahaba Park Circle
Birmingham, AL 35242
Tel: 205-991-9613

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