Difference between Jack Russell and Rat Terrier

Jack Russell and Rat Terrier are two most common breeds of dogs that are raised all over the world. People raise Jack Russell and Rat Terrier for the purpose of fox hunting and killing the pests at home like rats. Many people do not know the difference between these two breeds and consider Jack Russell and Rat Terrier as the same because both are used for hunting purposes. There is no doubt that both dogs are very athletic and are also quick learners. However, there are many differences between Jack Russell and Rat Terrier that make them different from each other.

Jack Russell comes from United States whereas Jack Russell has its origin in England. Jack Russell works outdoors like in woods or at open farm houses or fields while Rat Terriers is usually as a domestic dog that works in the boundary wall of a home or farmhouse. The basic purpose of raising a Jack Russell is to hunt fox and other small animals like rabbits while Rat Terriers are kept at home for killing rats or other types of pests. People consider Jack Russell as a breed of dogs whereas most of them consider Rat Terrier as a type not breed. When it comes to the size of these breeds, Rat Terriers possess good height as compared to the Jack Russell. Jack Russell has a coat with rough fur while Rat Terrier has a smooth fur on its coat. Jack Russell has considerably short life span as compared to the Rat Terrier.


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    Jack Russell:

    Jack Russell is a common breed of dogs that has been originated in England and is raised for the purpose of fox hunting. The colour of Jack Russell is usually white along with rough fur and black or brown patches are visible on the fur. Jack Russell is a small sized dog and its average weight is between 7 to 10 kilograms and its average age is 13 to 16 years. The most important characteristic of Jack Russell is that it is very athletic and energetic that makes it a small sized hunting predator.

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    Rat Terrier:

    Rat Terrier is known as farm or domestic dog that helps in killing the rats and other pests. It has its origin in United States and it is raised all over the world because of its friendly nature. The average weight of Rat Terrier is between 5 to 11 kilograms and its average age is between 15 to 22 years. The Rat Terriers come in different colours including black, lemon, chocolate, pearl, apricot, tan and white. They are very athletic and quick in catching rats.

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