How to Discourage Skunks in Your Garden

Skunks have weird eating habits. They love variety in meals. They will happily eat salamanders, lizards, worms and bird eggs. Things would have been fine if the menu ended here. These animals also love the berries you worked so hard to grow and might get to the nuts even before you yourself can. they also help themselves to grass and leaves and do not let even the dustbin in peace. Yes! They are this nasty. It is very important to keep them out if you want to protect your plants an property. Our step by step guide will surely help you with this.


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    Build defences:

    Put a wooden or metal fence around your garden or if possible the whole property. You can also build cages for individual plants and install a net around the berries. This way the skunks can not get to its favorite food sources and will return unsuccessful.

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    Squash leaves-the best repellent:

    Plant squash plants around your property. Skunks hate the way the leaves of the plant stick to their feet with the tiny hairs in them. They get highly irritated and will leave in distress.

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    Moth balls:

    They are as successful against skunks as they are against moths. Scatter them around the lawn. The smell will irritate skunks and force them to leave like an invisible force pushing them back.

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    No! You do not have to use it on the skunks. Use it on worms and pests in the lawn. Your plants are not the only food the skunks come from. they love insects. When you reduce the insect population, your garden might not remain that attractive for them. You should also pick up any fallen fruits or pet food from the lawn before they attract the skunks.

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    Skunk Traps:

    Place tabular and narrow skunk traps around the place and keep bacon, fruits and other edibles in it to lure the animals. Once caught dispose them off safely to a far away place.

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    Fox trap:

    You do not have to get a fox to defend your lawn. Just get a scent that smells like fox urine (this might be difficult). It repels skunks a lot.

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