How to Prune an Oak Tree

Oak trees are solid, hearty trees that come in more than 500 varieties and can be found in almost all countries above the equator. These are beautiful evergreen trees that grow from 10 to 40m tall. Oak trees, if not pruned regularly, can become quite large. Pruning will not only keep your tree in proper shape, but will also reduce disease problems.

Things Required:

– Oak tree
– Hand pruners
– Pruning saw
– Chain saw or tree-cutting extension saw
– Long-sleeved shirt
– Gloves
– Boots
– Hard hat or an alternate head gear
– Safety goggles
– Ear plugs
– Ladder
– Safety ropes
– Harnesses
– Wound sealer or black paint


  • 1

    Gather all the required tools and prepare them for the job. Make sure that you have everything that you need close at hand. You might also want to ask a friend or family member to assist you as this can be a daunting task.

  • 2

    Prepare yourself for the task by wearing the safety kit, including a long sleeved shirt, gloves, goggles and a hard helmet. Always make sure that you are properly dressed and that you have all the necessary safety equipment readily available.

  • 3

    Start pruning your tree by removing the branches that are dead or damaged. Prune small branches using a hand pruner and use a pruning saw for the branches that are three inches or more in diameter. For the branches that are more than 4 inches thick, use a chain saw. Be very careful while using a chain saw as this is an extremely dangerous piece of machinery. Only use a chain saw if you know how to use one and understand all the necessary safety procedures.

  • 4

    Branches with diameter less than two inches should be cut from the joint, making sure there is no branch nub left. Take your time while doing this as you do not have to rush the job.

  • 5

    Inward growth of branches may affect the health of your tree, so prune all those branches that are growing into the oak crown.

  • 6

    Branches with narrow joints should also be pruned. Make two cuts on every branch to make sure there is no nub remaining on it. This is not that difficult but if you do feel like this is too much to handle then you can always call in a professional to help prune your trees. However, you should note that they will charge you a considerable amount for their services so be ready for this in advance.

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