How to Find Someone’s Email Address

Life today has become so busy that we can often lose contact with our old friends or business connections. While people may often move physically, changing their addresses, or decide to change their contact numbers due to several reasons, e-mail addresses are usually retained.

When you desperately need to contact an old friend but you realise all of a sudden that you do not have his contact number, you can look for his/her e-mail address. If you are lucky enough, you may know someone who has the person’s e-mail or contact info. However, finding someone’s email address can be tricky since there is no global directory for emails. However, there are many ways to find someone’s email address, especially if you know the complete name of the person or his/her physical address.


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    Find through search engines

    There are a number of search engines on the internet like Google, Yahoo and MSN, which can help you find a person's e-mail address. However, you should know the exact spellings of the person’s first and last name.

    If you are not able to find the email address of a person through his name, you can search by typing his name along with the name of his city or his physical address. If the person has a popular business, you can also search his name with that connection.

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    Social networking sites

    Since the previous decade, online social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have become extremely popular, allowing us to communicate with our friends, colleagues, class fellows and family, without having to leave the comfort of our homes. There are millions who use these social networking sites and it is not very hard to find the e-mail address of an active person. However, some people actively choose not to disclose their contact details.

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    Linkedin profile

    Many of us make profiles on Linkedin for our business connections. Search on the site and see if you can find the person you are looking for and whether he/she has shared contact details.

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    Search your previous emails

    If you have lost or forgotten the email address of a person, you should always go through your old emails or sent items. You may find any old email from that person in your deleted or junk items as well.

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