How to Get a Flighted Parrot to Return

Since homing parrots automatically go back home after long flights, it’s very exciting to train them. Homing parrots have provided a method of interaction by which a message is sent to friends or relatives living far away. Some people even train these types of parrots for racing purposes. Whatever your reasons are, with hard work, proper training and tolerance you can get any flighted parrot to return rather quickly. If you want to get a flighted parrot to return then there are some simple tips and tricks that you can use to help you out.


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    It is advised to start with younger parrots that have not travelled yet. If possible, place them into a designated area, called a fly pen on a daily basis. Place water and food in your parrots home so they can affiliate going into the fluff without being fed. Repeat this process for at least two weeks for best results.

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    Open the fly pen and let the best parrots come out. Don't be frightened if they fly around incredibly. Some may even go for the ground. After a few attempts, they will begin to come back to the fluff to eat. You will be required to be patient and show determination when training parrots. Although it is an exciting task, it can definitely test your patience.

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    It is recommended to wait at least one hour for the parrots to come back to their home before coaching. Only choose the best parrots for training purposes. Parrots that can fly 5 to 10 kilometers should be selected. Train the parrots to return home after their flight. Double the distance once the parrot has performed this task successfully at least a couple of times. Repeat the above process to ensure the parrot can fly 50 kilometers if needed.

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    Even if your parrots have started to return from their flights on a regular basis, you should continue their training and coaching. Choose bright and sunny days for training your parrots. Modify the guidelines when launching them so they get used to finding their way from north, south, west and east. Do not forget to start with a set distance. Change this distance every time you change the direction.

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    Release the younger parrots when you nourish them. Young parrots need to be attracted or lured with food or the lack of if you are looking to train them. Parrots that are trained properly using the recommended techniques find it easy to return home without needing help from their trainer.

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