How to Get Rid Of Flying Ants

We can totally understand your condition how it goes when you have just settled into your soothed bed as you begin kicking off into a pacifistic slumber and you are abruptly dive-bombed like BUZZ! Now you do not have any other option except to get up, turn on the light and kung-fu battle starts before you can go to sleep. Wow! Isn’t it annoying? Of course it is. Flying Ants are one among the never welcomed guests but that does not need you to coat your house in highly priced chemicals to get rid of them. The weather change show them the way to your house. Getting rid of flying ants can be tricky when they attack in a cluster form. Anyhow, do not worry and read this article as it contains some useful methods that will get the job done for you.


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    Eradicate the root cause

    First of all, identify all those locations from around your house that the flying ants prefer to nest in. Make sure to remove all firewood, crates, and wooden boards, as they are one among the best shelters for flying ants.

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    Flying ants do not like clean house

    Garbage, food sources, unwashed dished and un-cleanliness are the main sources of attraction for the flying ants. Therefore, clean all corners of your house properly. Vacuum, mop hard surfaces with water-vinegar solution, wash the used dishes, cover utensils, and dispose garbage on daily basis. If these irritating house pests have nothing of interest in your house, they will not bother you.

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    Seal up all entry points to keep them out of your house

    Flying ants usually find their way into your home sweet home through small openings. Check for door gaps, crevices around screens, doors or windows, cracks and other possible entrances and make sure to seal them thoroughly in order to keep the flying ants out of your house.

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    Flying Ants do not like Boric Acid at all!

    You can take advantage of the boric acid formula to keep those nasty flying ants outside and not in your home.

    Boric acid-sugar spray

    Preparation of Boric acid-sugar spray at home will take you few minutes, as it is super simple to make and apply.

    - (1 cup) sugar
    - (3 cups) water
    - (4 teaspoon) Boric Acid (H3BO3)

    Take a large plastic mixing bowl that is inexpensive to dispose later on. Place 4 teaspoon of Boric Acid and 1 cup of sugar in it. Pour 3 cups of water into the mixing bowl and stir with a stick or plastic spoon until all ingredients mix well and liquid. Pour this boric acid solution into an insecticide sprayer and spray on all flying ants you see flying around your house.

    Boric acid-Corn Mixture

    Boric acid-Corn Mixture is another useful remedy for flying ants.

    - (2 tablespoon) Boric Acid
    - (1 cup) corn syrup

    Again, grab a plastic mixing bowl and add 2 tablespoon of Boric Acid and 1 cup of corn syrup. Mix both of these ingredients with the help of a stirrer until thick and form a paste. Now, take a putty knife and apply this paste to all those external entry points of you house from where the flying ants can get in.

    Simply Sprinkle Boric Acid around your house

    If you find the preparation of the above-mentioned mixtures difficult, then simply sprinkle the Boric Acid along the entry points of flying ants.

    Note: Keep the given below points in mind while making the boric acid spray and paste:

    - Make sure to cover your hands with disposable gloves while making and apply both of the boric acid formulas.

    - Never make the mistake to prepare these mixtures in the presence of kids, as they are not aware of the fact that boric acid is very dangerous if touched or taken in.

    - Wash your hands thoroughly with a good quality soap or hand wash once you apply the Boric Acid Mixtures.

    - Vacuum the dead flying ants after few hours of your operation against them.

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    Try some useful home remedies to get rid of flying ants

    Given below are some very simple and inexpensive home remedies that you use from your kitchen to get rid of the annoying flying ants:

    Vinegar Spray

    Vinegar spray is considered one of the best ways to get rid of flying ants. Simply you have to spray it around all the entryways to your house in order to keep them away.

    Apply a flying ant deterrent

    You can make a flying ant deterrent in your kitchen within few minutes by mixing alcohol and dish soap. Take a spray bottle and add 20 percent of the common dish- wash bar (soap) and 40 percent of alcohol into it. Spray it on the entry points as well as all cabinets of your house to get rid of the flying ants forever. If you could luckily apply this deterrent directly to the flying ants, then you can get rid of them within few as it kills them instantly.

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    Herbal remedies are inexpensive but effective against flying ants

    Some of the useful Herbal Remedies to get rid of flying ants in your house are as listed below:

    Sprinkle some ground herbs

    Sprinkling of cayenne pepper, coffee grounds, and cinnamon in areas where you have observed flying ants’ activities is another effective way to get rid of them for sure.

    Prepare herbal bait

    You can prepare herbal bait at your home in order to get rid of the flying ant colonies.

    Things you will need to make herbal bait
    - (1 liter) water
    - (1 teaspoon) Borax
    - (1 cup) sugar

    Grab a disposable mixing bowl and add 1 liter of water, 1 teaspoon of Borax and 1 cup of sugar in it. Stir for few minutes until the sugar dissolves and the ingredients mix well. Take some tiny cotton balls, soak them in the Borax-paste, and gently place them in yogurt containers. Make sure that the selected yogurt containers contain some holes punched in their lid, allowing the flying ants to enter. Chances are high that the flying ants once enter the container in search of food, will likely carry the weightless cotton balls back to their colonies. Now, the flying ants will die quickly once feed on the cotton balls.

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    Try organic method to get rid of flying ants

    Catnip, also referred as Nepeta cataria, catswort, catmint, is the best organic remedy to get rid of flying ants in your house. Simply sprinkle catnip in those areas where you can see the flying ants. Wait for some hours and enjoy the flying ants escaping one by one because of its irritating smell.

    Note: You can use fresh Catnip, dried ones or powder.

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    Flying Ants run away from the Diatomaceous Earth Powder

    Diatomaceous Earth Powder, made from the skeletons of algae and class, really works against the flying ants and force them to leave your home. Its application is not difficult at all, as you just have to purchase it from your nearest store in powder form and apply it to the flying ants. It will dehydrate and kill them in no time.

    Note: Do not forget to wash your hands at the end.

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    Install electric ant trappers

    Another easy option to get rid of the flying ants in your house is the installation of ant trappers on different parts of your house. The flytraps are operative instrument, which automatically attract flying ants, capture them in their bag or container, and kill them within seconds.

    Note: Make sure that you have selected such areas that are unreachable for your children.

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    Last but not the least; spray insecticide

    The nasty flying ants should have gone at the end of the above methods. However, if you still notice flying ants’ activities going on in your house, then the final strategy is the spray of insecticide. Cover all eatables and utensils, ask your children to go to one room for some time and spray a good quality insecticide all over your house. Wait for few minutes and see the difference. Vacuum the dead flying insects and set your children free to enjoy the flying ants’ free environment.

    Note: Keep the following things in mind while spraying insecticide:

    - Cover your face and eyes completely as insecticides are poisonous.

    - Do not forget to wear thick gloves so that the insecticide could not penetrate into your skin.

    - Wash your hands at the end of anti-flying ants operation.

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