How to Handle Emus Without Getting Injured

Emus are huge birds which do not fly. They fall into the same category to which ostrich, rhea and kiwi belong. In case you own an emu farm, there will be times when you will need to catch one. You need to take extreme caution while handling an emu or you will injure yourself.

While handling emus can be a difficult and trying task at times, if you take proper precautions you can safely deal with them. Keep reading this article to find out how.


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    Catch them from behind

    An emu’s knees are located on the backside of its legs, which means it will kick forward when disturbed. It is strongly recommended to catch an emu from behind in order to stay safe. However, a person can still bear injuries if proper care is not taken because an emu can twist and  throw side kicks.

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    Approach quietly and calmly

    It is advisable for you to approach an emu without making any sound. You should not run towards an emu or you will make it run as well. In case an emu run's, you will not be able to catch it because they are very quick. Hence, a stealthy approach is recommended.

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    Grab the wings

    In order to catch an emu, you need to grab the wings. Remember that wings are small but provide a good grip for handling emus. Be careful though, if you catch the feathers, the emu will run away and you will be left with only feathers in your hand.

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    You need to approach emus in the early morning or late afternoon. This is because at these times they are relatively calm. It is recommended that you feed your emus during this time and catch them while they eat.

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    Avoid emus when they are stressed

    If the emus become stressed, there is a high probability that they might hurt you. To be safe, you need to avoid approaching emus when they are stressed or you might end up receiving injuries.

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    Do not scare emus

    Do not make loud noises or scare your emus. If an emu gets scared, it will panic and run around, making it hard for you to catch it.

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    Tame hatched emus

    It is recommended that you start taming emus as soon as they hatch. This way they will learn to feed from your hands and stay calm in your presence. Compared to newly hatched emus, it is very hard to train and tame older emus.

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