How to Have Classic Style

Anything you wear or put on sends a message to others about your personality, your way of thinking and looking at things. Fashion keeps on changing as time passes and never remains the same. Different fashionable trends rule over people for certain time periods and then become a part of the history but what lasts forever is style. Style is timeless and what can be more timeless than classic style?

Many women love to follow classic trends rather than up-to-date fashion styles as classic things can be a part of your closet for a comparatively long period of time. Those who are trendy can also get know-how of the classic style to be prepared to look elegant and beautiful at the formal events. Classic style never breaks your budget and can easily be acquired with just a few key timeless pieces in your closet.


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    Spend most of your money to get the essentials. A nice elegant black dress, simple boot-cut jeans, a black trouser, a pair of comfortable yet fashionable classy shoes, nice trendy blazer, jacket and a handbag are the basis to bring the classy style into your wardrobe. These are the initials of the classic style, can be a bit expensive but really worth spending for.

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    Never forget to pick items according to your body size and shape. It is very important to choose things that work with your overall personality. Try to enhance the positives of your personality while the less perfect areas should be dealt in a way that does not bring any attention towards them. Try to be very simple while choosing colours and lines of your dresses as a wrong decision can destroy your classic look.

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    Your dressing should be appropriate with the weather and the time of the year. Style your winters with heavy wools, plaids, deep coloured knit sweaters, classy blazers and leave light coloured cotton and linen dresses for summer and spring.

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    Accessorize yourself sparingly. Never use too many accessories; just a major piece will be enough to complete the look. Do not go with four or five accessory items as it make you look over-dressed and garish. A chunky necklace, a cool leather bag, a belt or a cute light coloured scarf can make a big difference.

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    Style is not the same for every age group. Know yourself. Dress yourself according to your age and personality. It is not important that every colour or fashion suit everybody. Don’t imitate anyone until you are sure about the things that will go with your personality. Feeling comfortable in whatever you wear gives you confidence which a must accessory to keep with every style.

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