How to Know If You Have a Tapeworm

Tapeworm in the stomach can surely unsettle a lot of things for you. They are parasite worms present in the intestines of animals and humans. Most people are infected with tapeworm through meat that is not well cooked. They can also be transmitted through food preparation by an infected person who does not take care of his hygiene. The worms live on the food that you eat and multiply inside the intestine. Sometimes they have obvious symptoms and at others, they remain quiet and can survive for years. Most of these symptoms are serene and can be unobserved. This makes it hard to check for the presence of tapeworms in your intestines. However, there are still ways to know whether you are hosting this parasite or not.


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    The site of action for tapeworms is the small intestine. This is the region of the body where the food is finally digested. The parasites feed on the food and leave your body with lesser amount. This can result in weight loss and exhaustion. If you notice a drop in weight loss without any known reason, you might have a population of tapeworms inside you.

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    Tapeworms can also induce diarrhea. If you are experiencing diarrhea coupled with abdominal pain and fever, tapeworms could be the reason. Another symptom is nausea. If you are feeling one or a combination of these symptoms, the possibility of tapeworm presence increases.

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    Another symptom that can let you know of the presence of tapeworms is cyst formation on the skin. In some extreme cases of tapeworm, the worms escape the intestine and lay eggs under your skin. This causes cyst and bump formation which promotes a bacterial infection. Check your skin for such an activity. If cysts are present, you should consult a doctor immediately.

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    Tapeworm larvae is also passed out in the stool. Examine your stool after using the washroom. If you notice any larvae presence, you can be sure of tapeworms in your intestine.

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    The most sure of knowing whether you have tapeworms is to consult a doctor who will perform a feces test on you and determine whether you have any worms. He will also let you know the type of worms present. A doctor can recommend you medicines for getting rid of these worms. Apart from these medicines, there are several home remedies you can use too to eliminate them.

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