How to Make a Hamster Mansion

Hamsters are extremely popular pets. Not only are they cute and cuddly, they rarely get any allergies and the owners don’t even have to take them out for a walk. Since they’re so easy to keep, most people opt for hamsters if they are living a busy life and still need a pet at home. The only drawback of keeping a hamster is its containment. You must keep the hamster in your sight or at least in a glass box so that it doesn’t harm your house, or itself, while roaming around. A hamster mansion is the perfect place to keep your hamster since it is not actually too big and it is easy to make as well.

Things Required:

– Plastic tubes
– Planks
– Hamster toys
– Exercise wheel
– Food
– Hamster bed


  • 1

    A hamster mansion should include different tubes. These tubes will ensure that your hamster is living in different rooms and not just a single area as they define the hallways between different enclosures. The difference is just like you living in a single room apartment and shifting to a space with three rooms. You will feel a significant difference and so will your hamster.

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    Make sure that you design the mansion in such a way that you don’t make a lot of tubes. Those tubes serve as hallways and they rarely have any ventilation. Your hamster does require a little room to breathe and you should respect that.

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    Just imagine yourself in a house. What is the added things you will need in it? Probably a spa! A spa for hamsters is a little room for bathing and for that they need a little sand. Offer them some sand in one room and a little snack in the other. Giving them a little water will also be helpful. An exercise wheel is something that hamsters simply love to go on. One room should be occupied with that exercise wheel while other rooms should also offer your hamster with a few toys.

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    Just make sure that you clean up all the mess that the hamster makes. A clean house is always a priority and hamsters love to do sleep in clean places. Therefore, their bedding has to be changed on a daily basis.

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    The tubes used in the mansion will be made out of plastic, which means that the hamster has the opportunity to chew on them since they love to nibble on things. You have to make sure that you keep replacing the areas where the tubes have been chewed.

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