How to Beat Candy Crush Saga Level 147

Candy Crush Saga is a fun yet challenging game that has 485 levels. The levels are spread across 33 different episodes. The first two episodes of Candy Crush have 10 levels. The remaining episodes have 15 levels.

Candy Crush level 147 can be quite challenging, but not insurmountable. Your task here is to eliminate 52 double layer jellies. You are given 50 moves to complete the task. While this might not seem overly difficult, Candy Crush level 147 dishes out some added punishment by incorporating bombs.

The best place to begin on level 147 is that middle column. Make as many special candy combinations as you can to obliterate that middle row. While doing so, keep your eyes on the bombs. You have a limited number of moves to eliminate each bomb before it detonates your entire board and costs you a live. So keep your focus on big combinations, down the center if possible, and keep your eye on the bombs. Even if there is a better move elsewhere on the board, you should set your self up to take the bombs out as soon as possible. Once you have eliminated the center row, focus moves on the bottom so that the top candies will drop down and cause chain reaction crushes. This will allow you to clear away the layered jellies within your 50 allotted moves.

By focusing on the game with this strategy, you will see that Candy Crush level 147 is not impossible to beat. You can now move on and focus your efforts on the challenge that level 148 brings!

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